DoD: Source CoreDamage's Golden Colt Weapon Skin

This is a golden reskin of the Colt 1911 for DoD Source


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This is a golden reskin of the Colt 1911 for DoD Source

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Half-Life 2 (Day of Defeat: Source)

TITLE: DOD: Source - Golden Colt with realistic reflections (v1.0)


FILENAME: coredamage_colt_gold_env(v1).zip
FILESIZE: 795 kb
DATE RELEASED: 7 April 2006


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: The skin files are already placed in the right folders in the zip, and so they just have to be placed/extracted in "Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<your username>\day of defeat source\dod".
If get a message if you want to overwrite a folder because it already exists just choose yes, you wont loose any files.

DESCRIPTION: This is a golden gun skin with realistic reflections. Now YOU can be the man with the golden gun ;)

BUGS: None known, but if you find one let me know.

COMMENTS: If you have any questions/comments about my skins, textures or other, don't hesitate to contact me.
This is just my first version to release, so there might be some new versions, but that depends on my own ideas and if I get some tips/comments, so check out my site regularly.

Please don't "steal"/modify my ideas/skins, if you do make a skin which you made from my idea just put that in the credits.

Hope you enjoy my skin ;)

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