DoD: Source Falschirmjagers Axis Player Skin (v1.0)

Converts the Axis team into fairly realistic representations of German WW2 paratroopers (falschirmjagers). Utilizes model hacks of the Valve...


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File Description

Converts the Axis team into fairly realistic representations of German WW2 paratroopers (falschirmjagers). Utilizes model hacks of the Valve models and custom skins.

Model hacks theOrthopeadicsurgeon

Skins Wile E Coyote

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Download '' (32.88MB)

Dod:s Fallschirmjäger skins

This is a mod to replace the German player models with Fallschirmjäger 
troops, using modified versions of the official dod:s models.

This program will install to the directory LAST HL2 game you played. 
For example, if you last game you played on steam was CS:S, the 
installer will try to install the CS:S directory. If it tries to 
install to a directory other than "Day of Defeat Source", exit the 
installer, start up the game DOD:S, quit and then re-try this installer.

You will have to direct the installer to a "dummy" directory. Let's 
use "C:/dodtemp". You do this by simply typing that in the install 
path within the install program. It will create the folder on it's own. 
You will then have to open up Explorer ("My Computer" for those for 
those who did not know) find the both the folder you just made AND the 
official DOD:S folders located under the Steam menu and you MANUALLY 
move all the folders from your temp directory into the Steam DOD:S 


C:Program FilesSteamsteamapps*****day of defeat sourcedodmaterialsmodelsplayergermanfallschirmjager

sleeve skins
C:Program FilesSteamsteamapps*****day of defeat sourcedodmaterialsmodelsweaponsv_modelshands


C:Program FilesSteamsteamapps*****day of defeat sourcedodmaterialsmodelsweaponsv_modelsrif_fg42

C:Program FilesSteamsteamapps*****day of defeat sourcedodmodelsweapons

C:Program FilesSteamsteamapps*****day of defeat sourcedodsoundweapons


Player Models: Standard dod:s models by Valve, modified by the0rthopaedicsurgeon
Player Skins: Wile E Coyote
FG42 Model & Textures: Sproily
FG42 Animations and sounds: sick420
FG42 Normal maps and Phong shaders: Wile E Coyote

Jed for his player model compile tools that made these possible, and the M43 cap model.

Do not modify or re-release these skins without permission. If hosting 
this file as a mirror, this readme must be kept with the installer.


15 Mar 2006

**  There are model bugs. The support player has the wrong magazines. 
There is a small mis-matched patch of skin on the rocket player. These
are too small of bugs to warrant a recompile of the entire models, from
what Surgeon told me it was hard enough to compile them as it was! Deal
with it.

**  Yes the Fallschirmjagers used blue scarfs with white polka-dots. 
No I don't know why.

**  Yes it is %100 percent realistic that you would have seen this 
variation in uniform in not only a unit, but even a squad. Yes it is 
%100 accurate that they used the M42 helmets. If you want to argue with 
me, I've got 50+ authentic WW2 pictures to prove you wrong.

**  Jump smocks came in 3 variations I'm aware of: green, splittarn 
and sumptarn. All are represented here. And yes I'm aware it's supposed
to be "splittarn B", not "splittarn A".

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