DoD: Source High Definition Pack (v1.4b)

Day of Defeat Source High Definition (aka Dod:Source HD) is built to enhance visual quality, effects and immersion in the game.

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Day of Defeat Source High Definition (aka Dod:Source HD) is built to enhance visual quality, effects and immersion in the game.

This pack includes: - Real WW2 sounds for all weapons (BAR, garand, MP40, Springfield, etc...= - Immersive sounds - HD models and skins for all the weapons All include bumpmapp, specular map and phong map.

- HD models and skins for the players (Axis and Allies). Each class (Assault, Sniper, etc...) has a different skin. (note : for full server compatibility do not install this feature as too many dods servers use the command sv_pure)

- HD textures for the maps. Dod source is quite ugly. These replace original textures with HD textures. The impact is great on the scene quality

Thanks to every author which helped me build this pack, particularly Fakefactory, WileCoyote, KnifeInFace, UKDecay and Millenia (incredibly good skinner)

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Download 'dodshd.exe' (193.25MB)

Welcome to the DOD:Source High Definition Installer.

It was compiled in a purpose to bring the highest rate of realism possible to DOD:S.
Definitly the original game doesn't use the possibilities our lastest hardware. Therefore I wanted to this to be a pearl for our eyes.
This pack replaces all player and weapon models. All these are in high quality, with bumpmapping,phong shading and reflection maps for more realism.
All sounds are from the original real WW2 weapons
More files are added to bring more realism to DOD Source (HD floors, mapmodels...)

---In the Install Section, change the path SteamSteamappsYourlogin by the username you have on steam---

Many thanks to every author
Many thanks to the guide's authors I used to learn texturing and bumpmapping.
Many thanks to the orginal ValVe creators.
The pack will be evolving. Stay in touch

You can contact me at djibe89 A

I did a lot of work on textures and bumpmap editing. The hardest part was to learn howto.
Many thanks for the immersive sounds to HQ, Bossbob, McGee, Colted,Plaskon, Freaks, Overkill, Riley, theglocks, trappa
Models: Thanks a lot to UKDecay, knifeInFace and Wile E Coyote, Millenia, Mike, the0rthopaedicsurgeon, Quad, rascals, Kuggan, HeNe, Snake, MadHead, Watevaman, Dodss Kuggan, d0nn, PinkPanther, Mike-, Flakk, Csblackhawk, Kiff, modderfreak, CsBlackHawk, Propen, 5hifty, Dayofdfeat123, Henes, Flakk, Soul-Slayer, Watevaman, Woody, Rhetoric, modderfreak, eSkwaad, Brutal

Map Textures: Fakefactory, djibe89         Map props : TKAZA
Explosion effects: CB4
Installer: djibe89
Phong, Reflection and Rim shading : djibe89 & authors listed above

For better performances, enter fps_max 100 in console

--New in version 1.4b--
Memory optimisations
Fixed bugs in installer

--New in version 1.4--
New Rim shading to players (more realistic sun exposition)
New explosion effects by CB4
New muzzleflashs
Fixed some texture bugs
New P38 model by Flakk and Mike
New Colt model by Woody, Millenia, Rhetoric, modderfreak
New k98 sniper skin
New shader effects on hands
HD skins for mp44 and M1 carbine
Many new reflection maps on the weapons. Metal on weapons is softly refracting light
New HD texture and Detail textures (thanks to Fakefactory Cinematic Mod)
New map props (german radio, logpile, snowy sandbags)

--New in version 1.2--
Dod:Source Palermo update compatible
New models for Bar, 30 Cal, c96
Each class has a different skin !!!
New phong effects
New blood and flashlight effects

Projects : 
- More HD textures
- Better wood texture on some weapons
- New shader effects

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