Derrek Quest VII manual (translated from Russian to English)

DerrekQuest VII.zip


This is the translated game manual for the game Derrek Quest VII and was uploaded for   those who downloaded the freestanding version of the game  which was givn away via the gamegiveawayoftheday on the 24th July 2019.  You can find  the Steam version <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/805570/Derrek_Quest_VII/" rel="nofollow"><strong>HERE</strong></a>

Derrek Quest VII  is a 3D FPS first-person shooter. there are 10 game zones (planets). 

You play for a Derrek. You are the worst enemy of Luana. You need to fly around on your ship to all the worlds and planets. Capture and enslave them. Be wary of defensive systems, each planet is a separate world in which there are many pitfalls and danger. At any moment, you can return to your mothership  to replenish health and ammo.   


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