You are in a vehicle specially designed to navigate the tight corridors of the mineshafts. Your vehicle is also equipped with guns, missiles, and other weapons you can use to destroy the alien threat....

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desc14sw.exe 2.76MB 782 566KB 516
desc14a.exe 560KB 376 239KB 306
Descent Manager VPPBUILDER32 Beta 01c 459KB 208
d13dfxb1.exe 1.82MB 186
Megaman 11KB 176
Octopus 16KB 150 2.41MB 125
Minerva 13KB 120
Galatea 10KB 62
NYSA Anarchy Map 10KB 61
Mission Pack A 1.92MB 59
Athena 8KB 56
Siren 13KB 39
Vander's Casket 15KB 31
Black Rose 9KB 27
Total Anarchy 14KB 24
Aglaia 10KB 21
Vamped 9KB 20