Destiny 2 - What we can guess from the Season of Dawn trailer

By Mikey 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It's hype time, Guardians.

In case you missed it, Bungie JUST revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Season 9 - Season of Dawn.

What? You missed it? Okay, watch it below. I'll wait.

Okay, now we're all up to speed! Below is what I've gleaned from the trailer (and the official launch website) (Potential spoilers ahead!)

Return of Saint XIV

For the Destiny Lore uninitiated, Saint XIV is a legendary Titan who was kind of a big deal.

After the exile of Osiris and Saint-14's crusades against the Fallen, Saint-14 disappeared on a mission to Mercury to prevent Osiris from disturbing the Vex.

We learned more about him in the last DLC which featured Osiris, the legendary (now disgraced) Vanguard Commander and there was even a quest which allows you to get his emblem and shotgun in that DLC (Curse of Osiris) and visit the memorial that the Vex made for him.

His return is going to have some impact on the lore, for sure, but I am excited all the same.

Sparrows on Mercury

For the longest time, since Curse of Osiris, Mercury has been the only destination in Destiny 2 which players cannot pull out their in-game mode of transport - the trusty Sparrow - and ride like the wind. From the trailer, this all looks to be changing! I'm probably over-excited for this one to be honest, and just to be clear, this is still speculation with no confirmation as of yet.

New Exotic Scout Rifle

On the Season of Dawn marketing page, there is listed as an instant benefit to the Season Pass (Premium track) an exotic Scout Rifle named Symmetry , which looks to be in your Energy Weapon slot, meaning you can still pair it with your favorite kinetic weapons (Spare Rations, anyone?). Now, I'm personally not too hyped for this one as Eriana's Vow (the Exotic Energy Hand Cannon from last season) turned out to be a little underwhelming for myself, but we can only wait and see.

New Seasonal Artifact - The Lantern of Osiris

Players have been grinding out their seasonal artifact all season in order to get an added power bonus above the soft cap of 900 and the hard cap of 960 power. When Season of Dawn rolls around, the artifact has been confirmed to reset, and the power bonus you currently receive from it will disappear.

Once Season of Dawn begins, the following list of items will no longer be available to players from Season of the Undying:

  • Season of the Undying Season Pass and bonuses from the Season Pass
  • Season of the Undying Seal and Title
  • The Vex Offensive
  • Vex invasions on the Moon
  • Weapon frames and bounties from Ikora for the Vex Offensive
  • Ikora’s Vex Offensive Weekly Challenge
  • Emblems and Shader Quests/items from Season of the Undying
  • Incomplete items in the Collection Badge will turn invisible
  • Lore – “The Last Days on Kraken Mare”
  • The Gatelord’s Eye seasonal artifact
  • Player power increase from the Gatelord’s Eye
  • Season of the Undying artifact mods
  • The Leviathan's Breath exotic quest if players didn't own the Season Pass
  • Season of the Undying specific materials (Vex components, etc)

Full list here: https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Article/48522

New Six Player Activity - The Sundial

We have literally no idea what this could mean. It looks awesome from the trailer, but I can't figure out what it exactly entails. I like to envisage something like the "clock arena" from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire where players have to navigate a constantly changing arena and fight waves of enemies to survive. We can only dream, right?

New Finisher - Saint XIV Headbutt

This was featured prominently in the trailer, and it looks like it's available on the premium track of the Season Pass

New Crucible Map - Rusted Lands

New Crucible Maps are always fun. Bungie mentioned before Shadowkeep's launch that they were going to be shaking up PvP each season, so my bet is that Elimination is the new "Competitive" PvP mode, replacing Survival. Again, this is speculation and I'm likely to be incorrect.

New Vendors?

Huge question mark on this one, but it looks to me like Osiris and Saint XIV are returning as Vendors from the Media Pack. 

One more thing...

The best part? We get to find out more tomorrow in Bungie's Reveal Stream at 10AM PT, 6PM GMT, 7PM CEST.  Stay tuned for GameFront for news as it happens!


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