Deus Ex 2: Invisible War

Grab the very best mods, maps, skins and gaming files for this epic sequel, set approximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex.

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Texture Packs DX:IW texture pack

This texture pack will change nearly ALL textures ingame. It features about 325 different textures which enables a better looking (read non...


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Demo Tweaker Demo Tweaker

This is a small handy program which allows you to tweak the demo to your likings. It also has a "optimal" settings feature which is quite...


Fansite Kit Fansite Kit

This is the Fansite kit,which was released on . There are numerous pictures in it and most of them look great. Just...


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Video Deus Ex 2 Lighting

A movie clip from E3 showing off the lighting effects. A guard with a tourch and how the light meter in the top left corner changes as you w...


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Video Deus Ex 2 GameStar Preview have produced a nice 2 min clip that shows you several aspects of the game. It shows some of the interactions, weapon fire, othe...


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Video Deus Ex 2 Flame Thrower

A short movie clip from that shows how nicely the flames look like in the game. I assume that the target is sort of fire proof in th...


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Video Deus Ex 2 Preview

An E3 movie clip showing off some of the games features... The game looks wonderful :D


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Video Deus Ex 2 EMP Granade

A short clip showing how the emp granade will look like in the game. Notice the wonderful shadows on the walls :D