First Deus Ex 3 Details - Sneak Peek on the Story!

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Bluehair has submitted some tastey news for you to digest...and not only is it [u]not[/u] filling, it makes for a good read! Check it out! [quote] I haven't got the chance to get my hands on PC Zone's 200th landmark issue, but [url=""]Computer and Video Games[/url] did and was kind enough to provide an outline of Deus Ex 3's story as well as share their feelings of the whooping ten-page preview featured in the magazine. In a nutshell, they were particularly impressed by the new art style which is unlike to any Unreal Engine game currently on the market, yet raise some potential objections about the newly introduced gameplay mechanics which could, as one comment cogently points out, make the game more action-focused than ever before. At any rate, if some of you had that magazine, I should be more than glad to hear your take on the preview! The story: [quote]You're cast as average joe Adam Jensen, who works as a private security officer at a technology lab specialising in biomechanical augmentations, a forerunner to the sort of nanotechnology shown in the original Deus Ex. One day the path of his life is unexpectedly altered as a team of black ops commandos break into his company's HQ, and using a security plan from Jensen's own hand, a mass slaughter ensues and the conspiracy begins.[/quote] Controversial gameplay mechanics: [quote]Combat won't be influenced by stats, but will rely purely on your personal marksmanship skills. Instead stats will influence "a vast array of fully upgradeable and customisable weapons", and you'll be able to tailor your arsenal to your play style with mag upgrades, scopes and other add-ons. What's more, stealth will now rely on a cover system rather than shadows, and damage will be dealt with by a very Call of Duty-style auto-heal. There's probably going to be some debate over those two.[/quote] ---- Thanks Gishank and cheer up![/quote]
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