Interview with Warren Spector!

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This is an interview with the studio director of Ion Storm, and director of Deus Ex and Deus Ex 2: Invisible War. PCZ Q. There are tons of anti- established themes in Deus Ex. Are you a rebel? W/S A. I wouldn't say I was a rebel, but if you ask people here, 'liberal' might not explain my political stance quite enough. However, Deus Ex was and is a team effort - it's kind of an aggregate point of view from everyone that contributed, more than just mine. PCZ Q. Theres a mention in Deus Ex about an earthquake destroying Los Angeles in 2030 creating 'Arizona Bay'. Is this a reference to the late, great American comedian Bill Hicks? W/S A. Oh man, Youre the first person who's caught on to that! Bill Hicks was a genius. I never met him, but I saw him live several times, and he was the funniest human being on the planet, as well as being one of the most cynical and depressed. PCZ Q. Deus Ex is quite a cynical and dark piece of work. Are you optimistic about the future of the world or is it going to be a nightmare? W/S A. Yes to both. My world view is that in the short term I tend to be very cynical, but in the long term I believe in history as a pendulum. The further things swing to the right, the more dramatic the swing to the left will ultimately be. I'm oftem very cynical, very depressed and despondent - especially right now! We're going to live through dark times, but we're going to come out the other side. Intrestingly though, Deus Ex is set 50 years in the future, and the only reason for that is becuase we don't have the tools to re-create the world as it is today. PCZ Q. Finally - Thief III - how's it coming along? W/S A. It's coming along really well. [He pauses, then laughs]. They'd rip my tongue out if I said any more, but it's going really well. Oh my god is it going well! There's stuff in there that you're not gonna believe. I look at some of the things they're doing right now and it blows me away. Well a Big Thanks to PCzone for getting an interview with the one and only and also a big thanks to Warren Spector himself for his contribution to the gaming world. PhoeniX_UK.
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