Warren Spector interview



Here's a small video interview by Warren Spector (yes THE Warren Spector) informing you of the upcoming Deus Ex title. He divulges some secrets of DX:IW but leaves you wondering about so much more. Typical DX/Warren Spector tactics i guess ;) He mentions some biomods as well, and according to this interview, DX:IW will be much less lineair than ever imagined. You can finish the game how YOU want to, not how it's scripted. It als includes the intro movie, for those of you who haven't seen it yet. One of your first missions will be to find Paul Denton and JC Denton and you'll encounter various friends from the first DX. Tracer Tong is definatly one of them, you'll see him through the infolink during the interview. Worth a download IMHO :cya:


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