The Nameless Mod Update

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The The Nameless Mod team has released this update to the community about their mod: [quote]Well folks, the news machine is back online, thanks only to our fantastical webmaster. We'll be sending him several dozen assorted desserts as thanks. Progress is faster than ever lately, despite the loss of a few team members. I'll outline things by area, because paragraphs are too much work. Graphics: A fellow known as Breadfan (so has left us recently) completely all but four of our remaining NPC skins, which brings us to somewhere around 70 custom skins. Ricemanu has also been churning out some amazing graphics for various datavault pictures, signs and many, many other random areas that require eye candy (including the splash screen that pops up when you click the TNM shortcut, which rocks!) Audio: The new musician, Yarron, has been slaving away on some fantastic tunes for the WorldCorp levels. "Action filled" describes that entire level rather nicely. Sensei and Leo have also been working away on some awesome stuff for several of our other level. Another new recruit, Grub, has managed to complete our ENTIRE weapon/item sound TODO list in 4 days. To put that in perspective, we've had that list up for more than a year. The mod will definitely not be lacking in the audio department. Mapping: Maps are flying along. The last two maps that make up forum city are being worked on my Beeblequix and Kevo-sama. Both are looking fantastic and shall provide plenty of exploration time. ZeroPresence has been flying all over the place, touching up several levels at once, most of which I'm not at liberty to talk about. But take my work for it that they're all looking much improved. Writing: Jonas has also been doing an excellent job coordinating a lot of mapping/conversation changes. As well as touching up some maps himself. ATjazz has been doing an awesome job helping Jonas out with the text, writing dozens of emails and datacubes which contribute to the depth and atmosphere of the levels. Conclusion: As Grub has completed all his sounds, he's also been placed in charge of voice acting. We've decided to begin working on the barks for various characters (especially the generic type). Expect complete info on the voice acting and how to make submission this weekend. EDIT: Check out the now fully functional Read News Archive link at the bottom of the page to relive the early days! [/quote] News is short but not all is lost yet =) There is still many things for the DE community to look forward to and we will have it all covered here at DEFiles.
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