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The The Nameless Mod has updated their website again with another one of those status reports. It basically goes over what they've been doing in the last week and such. Here's what they had to say: [quote]Yes, it's 2 days late. But seriously, blame Trestkon. I sent him the POTW last saturday, and he said he'd update the site "later". I didn't know he meant half a week later. So I decided to handle it myself now that I have time anyway. You have no idea how much we rock. Neither do we, we're only just starting to realize! The entire 2nd mission of the mod is almost fully functional. That is to say, it is fully functional, we just have a few bugs to weed out and some extra stuff to implement. Steve Tack is currently checking out the main bug, which is a non-functional pain zone. We also have to merge two of the smaller levels to eliminate some needless loading. That Guy has just started the mission script. Now that we're on the topic of mapping, I spent three days of my winter holidays last week finishing one of the last levels. That level has some amazing sequences now, you'll enjoy participating in the impressive skirmishes, regardless of who you're working for. Kevo has also made some progress on the Downtown map which was depicted in last week's POTW (which I'm afraid I accidentally overwrote when I uploaded the new one), and ZeroPresence is continuing his quest to finish the remaining maps on his own - let's hope he won't have to. okay, so what else? Well, Ricemanu is working on some additional skins for the fist weapon, Metche has mostly dedicated her time to the HDTP these days, but is still on hold to finish some advertisements and signs for us. Phas is generally being l33t, but since we have almost nothing left for him to do for us, he too is directing his attention to the HDTP, which we're quite okay with. Leo Bad has just finished a large project for which he received money, and can now spend some time on the music he's doing for us. The voice acting is also going nicely, we've only finished voicing one character so far (voice by yours truly), but once we've sorted out who's gonna voice who, we can truly get to it. We've received a fair amount of samples, but only 1 from a female. This was to be expected, and Trestkon and I are currently working on hiring every female in our social circles to voice for TNM. It's quite a bit more difficult for me, because I live in Denmark; we don't speak English over here. I'd like to thank those of you who submitted your samples, and the rest of you just remember that [email protected] is still open, mmkay? [/quote] Interesting update indeed! Head to the Nameless Mod website to check out more details!
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