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The Nameless Mod team has released another of their weekly update explaning to us what's been this week. It seems they've been working on updating their news system and a few other things in the mod this week. Here's what they had to say: [quote]This week your news update is once again brought to you by me due to Trestkon's... general... business. Or something. I realize this week's POTW may need a better explanation than what is given in the comment. It actually displays a feature we added a long time ago, but only recently got around to bug-test: A Pawn augmentation system! Just in case you don't know, "Pawn" is the development term for a non-player-character. That is, any living creature you might find in the game. In Deus Ex, the characters you encountered didn't actually have augs, it was all faked by eg. coding them to always take half damage from energy weapons. Our new system brings 4 improvements: 1. It's easier for the mappers and scripters (such as myself) to change which augmentations a pawn has, it can be set in its properties in the editor! 2. You can now see which augmentations a specific character has by regarding his statistics with the targetting aug if you upgrade it enough. 3. If you catch an enemy off-guard, you can deal some damage to him before he has time to activate his augmentations; this is especially useful with using the GEP-gun on enemies who have the Aggressive Defense System aug. 4. If you expose an enemy to EMP damage, you may render him unable to use his augmentations, making him much easier to defeat. The system is not entirely complete yet; we haven't decided whether the augmentation list in the Targetting display should be justified to the left or - like in the POTW - to the right. I say, that was rather a large amount of text to spend on an explanation of the POTW. Maybe we'll choose a more easily understood picture for next week. So, what else is new? Well, we haven't made that much progress since last week, things are just going along nicely. Midashand has started sending us pictures of his Goat Templae, the entrance of which is looking extremely impressive. If you're lucky, you may get a picture of that within too long. Zero has had quite a time creating Despot's flat, which you may find quite unlike any other apartment you've ever visited. Beeblequix has started over on the corporate sector because all the extra stuff we'd made him throw into it had messed up his cool design. Now that he knows exactly which buildings should go into the map, he expects it to be finished pretty soon. Grub has been working on brushing up the voice lines we've received for use in the game. We now have 6 completely voice-acted characters. Two of these were done by Ryan, who has further 3 characters on his to-do list so far... excluding his own. As Grub expresses it: Ryan is a bridge. [/quote] Interesting! Head to The Nameless Mod website to check out more details and please offer them your support.
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