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Mods Redsun 2020

REDSUN is a MOD for Deus Ex game. MOD stands for MODification which means various changes of the game can be done. For more detail on Deus E...


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Mods OTP UI Fix

This is a nice fix for the GUI scale. This is meant for people with large resolution monitors. The file is only a mere 14 Kilobyte, so its...


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Single Player Boom Pigeon Mod

Uhm yeah this is a file which makes the crossbow fire pigeonswhich explode I have nothing to add really :p


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Single Player Weapon stun rifle

Here's a nice weapon mod which changes the properties of your rifle. Here's what the developer said : The stun rifle modificatio...


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Single Player ANT-AGENDA PART I... (the CarevoSoft data)

This is a custom made mission for you to play an enjoy. Once you completed the game, you just need something extra :)


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Single Player Blood Like Venom

A single player mission with a new story to keep you entertained.


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Single Player Hejhujka Mod

7 new weapons and one new NPC :D Cool stuff.


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Single Player Deus Ex - Minty's Mod

A very small nice add on. Featuring 16 killer new weapons, 16 new ammunition types, an all new NPC and all for under 100kb. Min...


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Here's what the Counterfeit demo includes: -5 new maps made by Ghandaiah, two of which are cutscenes. -Two new songs made by Solid, M...


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Single Player Der Zeit Mann Mod

Picking up where the movie left off, you play as Kevin, a human who, after stealing a triangular time traveling device, has found himself in...


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Single Player Kain Denton

A New Skin, replaces JC Denton in the single-player campaign, also edits JC's name in the Dialog Text, unfortuently no new Dialog sound. Th...


Single Player Deus Ex Revision Mod Demo

Deus Ex Revision Problems? Send e-mail to: ...


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Multi Player PalmTree's DeusEx Modification

Adds CTF gametype to Deus Ex multi player. As a side note, the multiplayer isnt part of the orignial game.


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Multi Player Star Wars mod

Here's a nice change from normal multiplayer. Especially for starwars fans (we KNOW you are out there:D)


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Multi Player MMctf mod

To run .DMOD's: 1) First open your selected DMOD package. A 'open with' box should appear. Select NOTEPAD from the list. If it as...


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Multi Player Shade Vs Human V2.0b

This is another MultiPlayer Mod for Deus Ex1 for all you DE fans to have a look at....see what ya think Enjoy! PhoeniX_UK.