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All Files In Deus Ex Multiplayer
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Multiplayer Arctic

A cold, foggy map based in the arctic. Make sure that you have your wolly jumper handy when you go out to play here. And dont make a noise,...


Multiplayer A Bridge Too Far

A classic Box map, probably one of BillWang first maps, Build up of the map reminds of a classic CTF map, probably fun for Team Deat...


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Multiplayer Basketball

Here is something you dont see every day. Aim of the game is not fagging, but scoring by getting the ball through a hole in the wall....


Multiplayer Blood Ball

Another Basketballmap, this one is set in an urban area on an urban basketball court with bload writing all over the wall, just like "...


Multiplayer Close Quarters

What a fun map. This is real neat map, ideal for 4 players. It is a kind of allyway with buildings to all sides, with windows that you c...


Multiplayer Fight Club -Teamextreme

A Nice version of a Team Deathmatch game. The game will only comence when both teams are ready and have lowered the window that seperates...


Multiplayer Bucktown

A huge map, you realy need a big load of people to be able to appreciate this map. a small part of a city with skyscrapers that you can s...


Multiplayer Hong Kong Majestic 12

Im not sure who to give credit to, as the map itself has not been changed in the slightest from the original Game Single Player Map. Variou...


Multiplayer House Arrest

This is a very neat map. Oldgrandad put a fare deal of effort into this baby. It's a small town, complete with gasstation church and sh...


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Multiplayer Hydro

A medium sized map, with good gameplay, a couple of nice sniping towers, and enough room for close combat. all in all a nicely playable m...


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Multiplayer Bandits maps

Here's a nice little add-on for your copy of Deus Ex. This wilkl make some Single Player maps Playable in Multiplayer.


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Multiplayer Pure Evil

This is a cool MP map. Unfortunatly the creator didn't make a readme,nor has he given out his name. 2 bad,it's a nice piece of work.


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Multiplayer Swamps CourtYard

Here's what the author had to say : I designed this level with little regard for aesthetic. All I wanted was a good team death mat...


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Multiplayer The Great Escape

It's obvious that this is his first map. Lighting in some areas looks strange and some textures are aligned wrong, but the map is nice t...


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Multiplayer Club Phas

No description....NO author...someone doesn't want credit...:( Nice map,good playability. enjoy :cya:


Multiplayer Mcramos

a medium sized map in a kind of park, with 4 big towers... a strange but fun map. -FliX


Multiplayer MJ12

The map itself has not been changed from the original Game Single Player Map. Various Weapons have been added, and thats about it. As it...


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Multiplayer Arctic

Here is another good map from Cyan Fenix. This is a MultiPlayer Map for Deus Ex1download it and see what you think. PhoeniX_UK.


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Multiplayer Gray Vessel

Here is another good MultiPlayer Deus Ex map by Cyan, download this and give it a try. PhoeniX_UK.


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Multiplayer Paris Club 2

This is a Deus Ex MultiPlayer map, for those of you that play DXMP I suggest you download this and give it a whirl. PhoeniX_UK.


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Multiplayer Sahara

This is another MultiPlayer Map for Deus Ex by Cyan, keep up the good work. PhoeniX_UK.


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Multiplayer Saldali

This was the first ever of many maps made by Cyan for Deus Ex. I reccomend you give this one a try. PhoeniX_UK


Multiplayer Sniper

A probably Team Based map with 2 big towers, too big for a small party, youll need quite a couple of peaople to play this and actualy find o...


Multiplayer Sniper 2

An updated version of Sniper, a couple of minor improvements to gameplay and textureing, playes prety much the same as the first Sniper....


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