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Single Player Zilphore

Here's a nice Single Player map made by : Russal Snake. It says Part 1 of 5,haven't been able to find the other 4...:(


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Single Player Deus Ex Mod: Presidential Emergency

A two-level single player map for Deus Ex. The player is JC Denton, but in my scenario JC is an agent for the Secret Service. The gam...


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Single Player Break In

A two level single player map following the story of an alternate Deus-Ex reality, where JC Denton wakes up to a strange sound in the middle...


Single Player Corruption

Play as Paul Denton, in this prequel to DeusEx. One of his first missions to the Versalife facility in Los Angeles, to assassinate one of...


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Single Player Double Cross - Chapter 1

Description: Six weeks after the end of Bob Page's reign and the Majestic-12 incident, JC Denton r...


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Single Player Underground Lab

This is a great Single Player mission for your favorite game. It's in a Underground setting (:eek: i was amazed):p Enjoy ! :cya:


Single Player MIB Dentons (v2)

"A mix of edited textures from Walton Simons, JC Denton, MiB Agent and Bob Page put together to create a nano-augmented MiB of my concept....