ANT-AGENDA PART I... (the CarevoSoft data)

This is a custom made mission for you to play an enjoy. Once you completed the game, you just need something extra :)


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This is a custom made mission for you to play an enjoy. Once you completed the game, you just need something extra :)

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 **...ANT-AGENDA PART I... (the CarevoSoft data)**

by Martin Wilkes -aka "femax" -aka "flip hazard" ( [email protected] )
Add-On Single Play Mission for Deus Ex (v.1112fm)

Designed for UC-modloader

4.UC-modloader installation



Simply unzip the archive into the folder ABOVE your DeusEx folder. For example if your DeusEx folder is on D:\Programs\DeusEx unzip to D:\Programs. 
If your packer cant use the path definitions stuff, extract the single files like this:

*.u and *.int files to System
*.dx          files to Maps
*.utx         files to Textures
*.uax         file to Sounds
*.umx         file to Music

(..all inside your DeusEx folder)



-first tip: save often, don´t forget to save, make normal savegames besides the quicksave. this mission is hardcore , even on difficulty easy..

-some of the keypad codes in the missions are only found in the e-mails. E-mails you read are not saved in your goals/notes screen, so you will have to write the codes down or edit your notes manually. 

-at least trained computer-skill is highly recommended for this mission

-the main mission takes place in a really dark enviroment, you should not play this in bright daylight, best results are achieved playing at night with not more than one electric light in the room where you play...

-all the weapons to choose from have their advantages, playing with the GepGun is kind of bizarre though. Also, dont underestimate the power of the Prod in missions like this..

-this mission was created on a 850Mhz Cpu, 128MB RAM, Voodoo5. I think one will need more than 3200 points on 3dMark2000 default benchmark to play it without limitations. If you play on a weak system and expierience problems with the graphic speed, lower your resolution and play more sneaky. The less persons/ guards you alarm in the level the better your framerate is...
-If you exit DeusEx in the middle of a heavy firefight inside CarevoSoft the game may hang.
-With UDMA33 or less hard drive speed the main mission will load a long time, dont worry..
-Do not jump into lift shafts there is no way to exit them and the lift will crush you.



 BIG THANKS Professor Steve Tack, Ed Gann, Coldpenguin, all the DXed Tutorial writers,  all the people from the DX-SDK forum....YEAH! international information exchange, the  matrix way,..sci-fi dreams becoming true..i really enjoyed my first 6 month of learning  unreal game design..i´ll never forget this..

 BIG THANKS to the DeusEx designers for designing the best game of all times and providing (some of :-)) the tools they worked with..
 BIG THANKS to Smoerble and G.Valentin for showing me that map design can be managed.

 BIG THANKS to the brave Beta-Testers:  Dr.Fink and F.Pongs

 BIG THANKS to JesusWespt69 (?) for the basic Van brush

 BIG THANKS to the Voice-Actors (great work!): Katrin, Manu, Jan David, Kusterer, Schild,    Marek, :) Dulz, Olli, 

Thanks really, i´m very gratefull for this whole thing.. hope you enjoy it too..


(taken from the original readme)

- contains 4 files DeusExML.u,, DeusExML.ini, and this file. 

- Copy the DeusExML.u,, and DeusExML.ini into your C:\DeusEx\System folder. 

-In the C:\DeusEx\System folder, open the DeusEx.ini file and ...Change the                  line:




Now open the DeusExML.ini file. There is one entry: bAutoStart=False.  If you set this value to True, the Mod Loader Screen will essentially replace the Main Menu in DX.  This is a time saving feature, however the Main Menu in DX has a button added to open the The Mod Loader Screen and the Mod Loader Screen has a button to open the Main Menu.  Therefore, selecting True or False for this value will not limit your options in anyway.



Write me an E-mail ([email protected]), or contact me at the SDK board if you want to distribute, edit or plan to sell my level.. 

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