Blood Ball

Another Basketballmap, this one is set in an urban area on an urban basketball court with bload writing all over the wall, just like "...


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Another Basketballmap, this one is set in an urban area on an urban basketball court with bload writing all over the wall, just like "Basketball" it can be a lot of fun. Main difference this map has a score board, that keeps track of points.

A fun map. But not it you want a clean DM fragfeast...


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I would like to thank everyone.

Bloodball is a muderous bloody basketball game.
Blood can be found all over the court.
Its a helluva lot of fun!!

Game Settings.

You must set this game to time limit.20 minutes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At approximately 18 minutes steel crates cover the nets not to allow any more scoring.You can frag or brag until the game restarts.
The scoreboard works perfectly .
And keeps track of virtual Jordans out there with happy trigger fingers!!

If you find anything wrong with the level, please email me !!!!
Sometimes transfering files and loading them up on different systems,sometimes corrupts files,especially maps.Mail me and i will send u the fix the same day!!

Peace and good hunting.
Dave Bloodbrada Faris.

This level is in no way associated with ion storm,eidos,ira,nra,fbi,cia,nsa,communism,capitalism,columbia cartels,mafia,bloods,crips,gangsta rap,unheavymetal,brittany spears,,crack,cocaine,pot,well maybe a little,.:)

How to set-up a custom map??

The very first thing to setting up a custom map is to host a game.The very first time you host a game..all the hosting information gets written into your system .ini file.If you never hosted a game, do so now.You dont have to play it, just start it up and shut it down in a minute or two.To host a the options under multiplayer, instead of host.
Once you did that, you are ready to host any map you please.

Installing a downloaded map

Maps usually are zipped up, using winzip.You need this program if you want to unzip map files.
Go to it is free and usually on the very first page you view from there.
When you unzip the map file, you will see the map icon (.dx), sometimes a texture file(.utx),and sometimes a music file(.umx),sound file (.uax),sometimes a mod file(.u).Always a read me text file.

ALWAYS !! the maps .txt file.Usually a read me file, holds valuable information on how to best run the game, and help if some bugs are known within.

First...your.dx file (map) goes into your deusex>maps directory.Go into your file manger,click on the deusex directory and you will see a map folder.Put your brand new .dx file in there.Either drag and drop it in or right click and copy to there.

Second...your new.utx file which holds textures to your brand new map goes in your deusex>textures directory.Go into your file manager, click on the deusex will now see a texture folder.Drag and drop,copy, your brand new.utx file in there.

Third....your new .umx file holds music.Put it in your music folder located in deusex directory, just like you did with the other new files you just downloaded.

Fourth...your new.u file is usually a modification or new set of codes for your new map.This has to be placed in your system folder.Not your .ini folder like some who asked me,just drag and drop the .u file into your system folder.

Fifth...your new .uax file holds new sounds for the map.Put it in the sounds folder like the rest of the new files you just did. have all the goods where they should be, the game will look and find all it needs when you host the map.Now you have to tell it, what map to look for.

Go to your deusex directory in your file manager or explorer,whatever you want to call it, and click it open like you did when putting in the files.
Look for a system folder.Dont be frightened !! This system folder is user friendly!!
Click it open.
do you see a deus Ex icon?? yes. Click open the file below it.This is your .ini file.
In there you will find lots of stuff about game settings and options, etc,etc.
Scroll down, almost all the way down.Stop when you see this.....

Here is where you write in the name of your brand new map...just like this..

Make sure you write the title exactly as it is.With underscores and everything.Remember..just write DXMP_ nameofmap.Do not put the file extention .dx in here.You dont need to.

Exit the .ini file.
It will ask you if you want to save changes.YES.

Start up Deus Ex and instead of join, click on host.To change the map name,to the name of your new level, keep clicking on the existing map title name until you get the one you want.

Start hosting !!!!

Have Fun !!!
Dave Bloodbrada Faris

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