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7 new weapons and one new NPC :D Cool stuff.


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7 new weapons and one new NPC :D Cool stuff.

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Hejhujka Mod Readme file.

Author: Hejhujka
E-mail:[email protected]

Version: 1.2.
Game: DeusEx

This mod work properly only with the  the 1112fm patch.
If you have any trouble wiht this mod, let me know and I'll be glad to help. 
There is a 7 new weapon and one new NPC. 
1. "Nexus" (Railgun) . New meshes, effects, sounds. This is an extremely deadly weapon.
Ammo: ammoplasma (deusex).
2. Pulse Gun. Now the pulse gun work like the pulse gun from UT. It's also a killing machine.
Ammo: ammopulse, ammolightpulse.
3. Vacuum Rifle. Another futuristic weapon with cool effects and sounds. Not really effective at low skill levels (min. advanced level needed to kill the enemy). 
Ammo: ammo762L
4.Automatic Shotgun. A modified assault shotgun with rapid rate of fire.
Ammo: ammoshell (deusex), ammosabot (deusex). 
5. Silenced Assault Rifle. New sounds, nightvision scope, fully automatic fire and new types of ammo.
Ammo: ammo762mm (deusex), ammoemps, ammonvs.
6. Energy Rifle. This is a shock rifle from UT. It's not only shock, but also EMP the target. 
Ammo: ammoenergycharger, ammosuperenergycharger.
7. Gravity Rifle. Now the gravity rifle has new meshes, an enhanced scope and can shoot through the walls. I've
used DJ Paul's tutorial to make the gravity rifle shoot through the walls.
In MP it does more damage, because I'm not sure about how the "gravity effect" work in the netgame.
Ammo: ammogravitycharger.
8. Cyborg Dog (new NPC). It's your trusted and deadly armed bodyguard. You can use the cyborg dog in the main game,
because it's in one alliance with the Player. The cyborg dog can charge the Player with bio energy like a repairbot.

Extract the  U file to your DeusEx\System folder. Open your
DeusEx ini file, go to [Editor.EditorEngine] section and add:


This U file contail all classes, meshes, sounds and textures.
You need to delete the 1.1. version of my mod before installing this version!!! 

You need to use cheats to do this. If you don't know how, go to
www.cheatingplanet.com. When the cheat mode is active, type the following:

summon hejhujka.weaponnexus  
summon hejhujka.weaponpulsegun
summon hejhujka.weaponvacuumrifle
summon hejhujka.weaponautoshotgun
summon hejhujka.weaponsilenced
summon hejhujka.weaponenergyrifle
summon hejhujka.weapongravityrifle
summon hejhujka.cyborgdog
summon hejhujka.ammopulse
summon hejhujka.ammolightpulse
summon hejhujka.ammoenergycharger
summon hejhujka.ammosuperenergycharger
summon hejhujka.ammo762L
summon hejhujka.ammoemps
summon hejhujka.ammonvs
summon hejhujka.ammogravitycharger              

If you wanna to use this mod in your mods or levels, just do it, but please give my name a mention.
This mod was not made and is not supported by Ion Storm and Eidos Interactive.
Special thank to Luminous Path.

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