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1) First open your selected DMOD package. A 'open with' box should appear. Select NOTEPAD from the list. If it as...


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To run .DMOD's:

1) First open your selected DMOD package. A 'open with' box should appear. Select NOTEPAD from the list. If it asks to open it with WORDPAD, click NO. If it opens with NOTEPAD, close NOTEPAD and do not save/make any changes.

2) Open 'my computer'. Goto VIEW > FOLDER OPTIONS > FILE TYPES. In this list, look for "DMOD FILE" (or "DMOD"), without the quotes. Select it then press EDIT.

3) Select OPEN (which should be in bold), then press EDIT. In the 'Application used to perform action' text box, type the following:

"f:\\system\setup.exe" install "%1"

Where f:\ is the drive with Deus Ex installed, and is the directory to it. Then press OK three times, and you should be able to open DMOD's!

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Info :        
|File  :|                                                 
|Url   :|                         
|_______| Other download sites may also be available.                                                               
|Size  :| 433k                                                          
|Author:| DJPaul                                                             
|Date  :| 27/12/00
|Ver.  :| Version 0.81 beta.  
|Req.  :| Deus Ex, the multiplayer patch and an internet connection.

--- Play Information ---
Game                    : Deus Ex
Level Name              : DXMP_CTF_TEST
Single Player           : N/A
Cooperative             : N/A
Deathmatch              : N/A
Team Match              : N/A
Capture The Flag        : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : N/A
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes, some new flag textures, models and a belt icon.
Known bugs              : Sometimes when hosting a LAN game, it will try to connect to 
                          the internet.
			  It is possible to spawn two flags of the same team, if you
		          throw them about.

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used          : WOTgreal, UnrealED, PaintShopPro.
Base                    : See DJPaul's notes.                                               

We would like to thank you all for being so patient waiting 
for the release of this modification for Deus Ex.

These files for Deus Ex add the functionality of Capture The Flag,
pionnered by the early Quake game.  For those who have not experianced
a capture the flag game before, the aim of the game is to sneak into the
other team's base, steal a flag and return it to your own base.  Upon
touching your flag with the enemy flag, you would score a 'capture' and 
the flags would return to the perspective team's bases.

A large amount of work has been put into smoothing the capture the flag 
concept over the last few years, so we cannot hope to match it in just one
release.  We will continue to update this CTF mod throughout Christmas and
the next year.

Modus Moriendi strives to bring original new features to Deus Ex; although
CTF may not be an original concept, full of our own ideas, we hope some of
it's features will be!

The whole team welcome anyone who decides to include the capture the flag
code into their mod(s).  We will look forward to playing some individually
distinct mods based on CTF.

We wish you a prosperous new year, and hope you had a merry christmas!

- The Modus Moriendi Team

| 1:|  Unzip the contents of the zip file into a new directory.  If you                                                               
|___|  are reading this, then we can presume you have already done that.                                                                  
| 2:|  Read DMOD.txt for instructions on how to install .DMOD files on                                                                 
|___|  your computer.                                                                
| 3:|  Now run the included .DMOD file, mmdxmp_ctf.dmod and follow the               
|___|  installation procedure.                                                                
|Name    :|   Modus Moriendi - The Art Of Teamwork                                                   
|URL     :|                                                            
|Contact :|   We welcome any comments, opinions and bug reports.  Email them 
|_________|   to any staff member and we will ensure that the email gets 
	        forwarded to the appropiate person.   
Version History

CTF 0.81:
  * Forgot an .ini file in the previous version.  
  * Changed installation method.
  * Added team support.

CTF 0.8:
  * First public beta.  Some bugs are known; sometimes Deus Ex will attempt 
    to connect to the internet when you start hosting a single-player game.
CTF 0.7:
  * Fixed more bugs.  
  * Tidyed up the code and commented each line to aid mod developers.
  * Created miscellanous files.

CTF 0.6:
  * Fixed bugs.  
  * Found more bugs. 
  * Made a 'belt' icon for the flag.

CTF 0.5:
  * Re-wrote flag code.

CTF 0.4:
  * Exported the flag out of UT and eventually put it into DX.

CTF 0.3:
  * Announced the immenent release of CTF :)

CTF 0.2:
  * Had first playable version.  
  * With a 'rat' as the flag model.  Worked ok (A Big Fat Lie).
  * Until the 'rat' started running off, or died.

CTF 0.1:
  * Started developing basic files for CTF.

(The following notes are DJPaul's own; any views or opionion's expressed
are not nessecarily those of Modus Moriendi.)
"I would first of all, like to thank a few people:

Langly                   ->  For sorting out the new flag images: 
				     "You rock, dude!"
Yoshi[DXO]               ->  For working out a little coding problem I
				     I had early on: 
				     "You work too hard.  Eat, drink and be merry!"
Yoda                     ->  For telling me how to define the centre of a model: 
				     "You were right, first time and all!"
Gartog			 ->  For never being on-line.  And for coming up with
				     this:  "Paul the coder.  Can he code it?
     				     YES HE CAN!" :)
Ion Storm Austin         ->  For creating the game that bursted open my mind. 
				     For creating perfection.
Chimeric                 ->  For creating the original CTF tutorial that gave
				     me the inspiration to do this!
MHz				 ->  For creating a better way of loading new player

I apologise to anyone who I have forgotten: email me and I will make sure your
name will be included in the credits list of the next version of this CTF!
I do not have much to say, but I will say that I hope that everyone has as much
fun playing it as i've had creating it!

There are a number of features which I didn't have time to implement in this
release.  Hopefully I will get to them soon!

The next bit goes out to mod developers/mappers only:
When I started on this CTF, I got the idea from the Chimerc tutorial.  I thought,
"Yea! I'll use that and become famous!"  How wrong I was.
I ended up only using a bit of the code from that tutorial and a lot of my own.
If, in UnrealEd, you look in the NavigationPoint class, you'll see FLAGSPAWNPOINT.UC.
I did start with the aim of using a point that spawns flags, as opposed to placing flags
manually.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, I couldn't work it out, and after one week of 
fiddling, decided dump that idea. 
Then my flag would not appear in the game.  I realised I wasn't loading a model.  It then
took me a few days to work out how.  Then the flag's code, in general, become the seventh 
hell to fix!
I then decided to work on adding it to the MP menu.  I read a post on the Coder's 
Corner about it, with MHz leading the discussion.  I then spent two days working out how to
put new MP gametypes in.  The only prob. with my way was that I had about ten files with
small changes in.  I then d/l MHz fix for this prob., which loads all the settings from a
text file.  Damn his superior unrealscript knowledge! :)
I then spent the next couple of days commenting the files, fixing the code, drawing belt
icon graphics, things like that.
Now I need a break.

You'll find the flag under INVENTORY > PICKUP > DEUSEXPiCKUP > MMFLAG.  Place that in your
map and remember to change it's properties (i.e. it's team number.).  I have compiled a
list of team numbers for your enjoyment below:

UNATCO  =  0
NSF     =  1
AUTO    =  128

I haven't tried, but logic suggest's _not_ defining the flag to be on the 'auto' team.  I 
have commented all the files so anyone should be able to jump in and understand the changes
I have made to the code.  

Merry Christmas!"       -DJPaul


Copyright 2000 Modus Moriendi: The Art Of Teamwork:
This mod was not made and is not supported by Ion Storm and Eidos Interactive. 

Authors MAY NOT use these modifications as a basis for other publicly or
commercially available work without our written permission.  Our email address is
at the top of the file.  
NOT that we suggest trying to sell anything you make;
that's against the UnrealED licensing agreement.

You may distribute this DeusEx modification in any electronic format as long as
all the files in this archive remain intact and unmodified and are distributed
You may not distribute this DeusEx modification by CD-ROM, coverdisk media or any
other form of data transport.  If you wish to distribute this file in the above 
method, please contact DJPaul ( or any other Modus
Moriendi Team Member.

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