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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-DevaBEACH3

The upgrade is finaly here! -You no longer have to kill yourself to buy a gun. -Map have been changed to make it more fair for both tea...


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TheTempleOfSand

THE TEMPLE of sand An old Temple placed in the heart of sahara, rebuilt for the Devastation ctf tournament. Be caref...


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-DOOM.dvs

CTF-DOOM.DVS A map inspired by the old DOOM games. This is CTF in hell. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TheTempleOfSand II

An update that adds more details to the map. Loadouts have been fixed as well. Enjoy the map! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TheOldMuseum

War in a museum...what could be more odd? -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-WingReactor.dvs

Ctf in a big reactor area. Take the flag the long way. or take it the short. -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TheFarm.dvs

Yeeee-haaaa! CTF out on the country ,with some nice country music in the background. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag (movie)CTF-Shaolin Temple(beta)

(movie)-CTF-ShaolinTemple(beta) *As the title says it is a CTF map in some kind of a temple inviroment. Now you will proberly ask yourse...


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Shaolin Temple(beta)

CTF-ShaolinTemple(beta) The first version of this map is now ready for download, enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Wintergarden

CTF-Wintergarden -Basicaly a remade version of warzone 12 but in a colder and calmer enviroment. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-ShaolinTemple(3rd-version)

*This version have one flag in the middle only. *You can snipe from the middle roof section. *Framerate fixed *Map have been more...


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-BodhisLittlePark(MusicVersion)

CTF-BodhisLittlepark(musicVersion) *This is one of my older DDM maps converted to CTF. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Warzone12

CTF-Warzone12 -Use one of the 3 bridges to reach the enemy-territory. Enjoy! Download the DTT and DDM version as well. Enjoy! -Tomsh...


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-ShaolinTemple(4th-version)

-CTF-ShaolinTemple(4th-version)- Now fixed so the numbers of flags aint three but two. Hope no more bugs will show up now, lol! Enjoy!...


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-BodhisLittlePark(NoMusicVersion)

CTF-BodhisLittlePark(NoMusicVersion) *Same as the other version but without no music in the background.


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-SerraMachine

CTF-serraMachine *First official map made by serra angel.


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-BrickCity

Here comes yet another map by serra angel! Enjoy!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-CampDevastation(v1)

-CTF-CampDevastation(v1)- A soldierbase in a desert, 2 flags and a whole lot of firepower...what more can I say?! Download now! -Toms...


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Somasunset

CTF-SomasSunset A Sp map converted to to MP-CTF by Triton. Enjoy!


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Heliboatdock

Another great map by BIG TOE. Download now!


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Spaceshacks

Another old but fun map by BIG TOE!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-NewCampDevastation.dvs

First version was a beta with no detail what so ever. This update brings the map to another level. Enjoy!


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Magnetic.Octogone

A CTF map from serra angel. Find out what he wrote about it himself in the read me. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-WhiteTowers

New map by Serra Angel...enjoy!