CTF-Capture the Flag

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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Zamburguesas

Another CTF map by serra angel, enjoy!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Sandstorm.dvs

CTF-Sandstorm.dvs Yep, no snow in this version, only sand and enemies. Download now! "Also get CTF-Snowstorm.dvs". -Tomshinsguard


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Snowstorm.dvs

CTF-Snowstorm.dvs You cant see very far in this storm. Let the lights guide you to the enemy flag and back, and who knows, if you get l...


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TempleOfDoom.dvs

CTF-TempleOfDoom.dvs Yet another ctf map in an old doom inspired inviroment. Download now! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Hell2.dvs

CTF-Hell2 just forget about the first version and get this one instead! -Tomshinsguard


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-NewWildWest(beta)

CTF-NewWildWest(beta) A second version of this map. In this one each team has 3 flags. Enjoy!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TheLittleParkinglot(beta)

CTF-TheLittleParkinglot(beta) -Would you park your car in a ctf-warzone? Enjoy the map!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-GhostTown(beta5)

"CTF-GhostTown(beta5)" New wild west map availible for devastation. Enjoy!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TempleOfTheSpirits

CTF-TempleOfTheSpirits Inca inspired enviroment. Download the videoprieview if you want a sneakpeak! Now enjoy the map folks! -Tomshin...


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Legomania

CTF-Legomania- Unreal tournament map converted to devastation by nfb. Enjoy!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TempleOfTheSpirits2(v2)

An updated version that brings more secrets and details to the map. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TheLittleParkinglot(beta2)

Here comes the update for the little parkinglot. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


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CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-ButchersOasis

CTF-ButchersOasis created by Rene. Check out the screenshots, and all the other great files on


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-TempleOfTheSpirits5

CTF-TempleOfTheSpirits5 A visual update, and new inka/indian music have been added to the map. Dont miss this one!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-GhostTown(beta7)

Yet another visual update. Hope you like the new version. Enjoy!


CTF-Capture the Flag CTF-Halobeach(beta)

Beta map with a halo 1 feeling. Why dont you be the judge of that... get it now!