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Two sides of the story II * should no longer be possible to cheat when entering the roofs. * More so...


DTT-Territories DTT-YearsInSpace

This map is being released earlier than planed since im losing my internet for a while. It should be fully playable though, so enter the sp...


DTT-Territories DTT-DevaFieldVIETNAM

Think it was about time we got a vietnam map for DEVASTATION dont you think? control the bridge, and your the king of the jungle. Enjoy!...


DTT-Territories DTT-GladiatorsOfTheFutureV1

"PLACE THE BOMB" FOR DEVASTATION! This is the first map who comes with the "PLACE THE BOMB" gametype. This is how it works: When y...


DTT-Territories DTT-HiddenByTheMountains2

Hidden By The Mountains II Here it comes again, in an updated and better version. Enjoy! _Tomshinsguard


DTT-Territories DTT-Doom(PTB)PlaceTheBomb

A "doom" map in the PTB gametype. Bomb or get bombed! -Tomshinsguard


No Screenshot
DTT-Territories DTT-TheAncientCity(PTB)PlaceTheBomb

How do you make an old city look even older, yes, you bomb it ofcourse! :) -Tomshinsguard


DTT-Territories DTT-GladiatorsOfTheFuture(PTB)2.0

The latest version of this map have a lot of changes. Its still a bombmap though. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


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DTT-Territories DTT-ChinaTown

A singelplayermap from the start now remade for MP. It turned out very good For MP if you ask me. :) -Tomshinsguard


DTT-Territories DTT-DevafieldVietnam2

Same map but with a new look and new ways to walk on. Enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


DTT-Territories TheTempleOfSand3

-The Temple Of Sand III- The First version in DTT-Territories of "TheTempleOfSand" is now here! Many changes have been made since the...


DTT-Territories DTT-TheRock

DTT-THE ROCK A singerplayer map now playable in multiplayer, enjoy! -Tomshinsguard


DTT-Territories DTT-Warzone12

DTT-warzone 12 -Old map, but one of the best I made if you ask me. This one comes with the other gametypes as well. Enjoy!


DTT-Territories DTT-SubmarineFactory2

DTT-SubmarineFactory2 -Minor changes made to an already good map. Enjoy!


No Screenshot
DTT-Territories DTT-Nightforts

An old and very very funny DTT map. You have to get this one! -Tomshinsguard


DTT-Territories DTT-WhenTheWinterComes.dvs

DTT_WhenTheWinterComes Here comes the finished version. Hope you will like it! -Tomshinsguard


DDM-Deva DeathMatch KOTH Tower

This is not a KOTH mod or anything the map just reminds me KOTH. Your on a sky scraper with a chinese feel to it. There are about 400+ Sta...


DDM-Deva DeathMatch Sniper EXTREME

This is a map that takes place on the rooftops. A sniper's heaven! This is a very open (and high) map with plenty of places to go. Watch...


DDM-Deva DeathMatch Embarcadero Depot EXTREME

This is the demo map, Embarcadero, but with a few twists. It is larger and now sports a train station, lunch break area, and some hidden ar...


DDM-Deva DeathMatch Carny Town EXTREME

This is, in my opinion, the best map out of Assassin X's maps. This one was a blast! It is a carnival, well an abandoned carnival. There...


DDM-Deva DeathMatch DMM-Mental Extreme

Ok this is ASSASSIN X again this map is the Mental Hospital. It was harder to edit because its all indoors now it looks like a psycho sw...


DDM-Deva DeathMatch DMM-Parking XLExtreme

OK this one is edited to be more like a real parking garage. Alot of the junk/clutter was taken out. I added a lot more cars and a sweet s...


DDM-Deva DeathMatch DDM-Rivers of Waste Extreme

Ok this is ASSASSIN X again this map is the one listed above. I added a bunch fo stuff youd see in a sewer. PLus a lot of greens through...


DDM-Deva DeathMatch Fog of War

Fight is the mist of the fog never know who is lerking near you til... this map looks lolike a section of a city that has very low cloud...