AMFM update

amfm_10604.exe —


This is the second update for the AMFM Map Pack!! It contains the three newest maps being played on servers now:

-DDM-1942(1) -CTF-IceIsNice -DTT-TheDesert(1)

All three of these killer new maps were made by TomshinsGuard. One or more of them may have a newer version out soon. Check back often because you know DevastationFiles.com will have these updates online and ready to download as soon as they are released!

The included CTF map is EXTREMELY fun, and my personal favorite of the group. You slip n' slide, pick up P-lazers every three steps...oh...I've said too much! :-| Check it out, and see how much fun these maps are for yourself!

--Chris Morell http://www.DevastationFiles.com Admin/Webmaster



Simply run this program, and follow the instructions.  Updating your maps has never been easier!!!

-*-  The "AMFM Update; 10-6-04" installer was produced by, yours truly, Chris M! :-D ENJOY!

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