Best Of DDM; Map Pack

best_of_ddm_map_pack.zip —


All of these DDM maps are SWEET!! All of them were made by thee one and only Bigtoe, and contain readme's. :-) You will, for sure, come across these maps in the DDM servers!

The following DDM maps are included within this pack:

-AquaFrag -Chamber -FoolsOasis -Gargantuan -MoonHill -TheCopterFlow

--Chris Morell Devastationfiles.com admin/webmaster



You can use these\this map How ever you please but, If you want to make changes please have the courtesy to contact me first so I dont come across something wild out in the game! [email protected] or [email protected]  Also if you have trouble with install you can contact me! I know some of these maps are not the best but I think there playable! The DTT and CTF may be missing some minor elements but I think the default DTT and CTF do too, so I tried my best to get these as best as I could. Good Luck and have fun!! Big Toe!

Also special thanks to Atomic Feather for using his servers to run these maps before release!

And special thanks to my friend Kyle_Dyer for making the original Gotham map and box portals idea!!

Maps go in maps folder
USX go in Static mesh folder if included with the main map file or see USX file in the total package for all three small usx files!

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