E&G Map Pack

eg_map_pack.zip —


Hey again all of you Devastators! This is one of the greatest map packs that I have ever put together! Just check out the screenshots and see for yourself. Killer features includes special lighting, and two brand new types of gameplay..created by yours truely. :-) All of these maps were inspired by Myself (ENAMOR) and my good bud Galvatron (hence the name E&G Map Pack.) You are guaranteed to love these maps..thats a promise! ;-) Whenever you see my server up, it will be playing these exciting maps! Download it today!!!

-Chris Morell Devastation.Filefront.com Admin/Webmaster

Lots of thanks goes out to Galvatron; a very close, and creative friend of mine! Keep up the good work man!



Simply extract the whole shabang into your   \..\Devastation\Maps\    Folder.

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