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Modifications Different Qliphoth Lighting

Changes the Qliphoth lighting so it looks less horrible. This mod took a while to get screenshots for (probably cause I was playing on DMD)...


Models & Skins Gloria's Hair for Trish

Or Trish's hair for Trish.  And before you ask, No. I can't make this only for EX costume since they both share the same hair m...


Models & Skins Sparda Costume

Issues: Dante's second costume looks messed up (I'll fix that in next updates), it doesn't cast shadow anymore, some rigging pro...


Models & Skins DmC Vergil's Coat for V

This mod replaces V's full costume with Reboot Vergil's coat. It's pretty nicely done as you can see from the screenshots below,...


Modifications Faust Shades

This mod replaces the Faust Hat with a pair of aviator glasses, inspired by the "wake the f*#k up dead weight" meme. They're r...


Modifications Trickster V

This mod adds a rather nice looking trickster's hat to V's head - simple as that! Check the screenshots below. Enjoy!


Models & Skins Beowulf

This mod replaces Balrog with a new and improved Beowulf model which looks pretty awesome, check out the screenshots below.