Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Mod - Median XL: Ultimative v5

CHANGELOG FOR ALL OLDER VERSIONS: v1, v2, v3, v4 & v5. Other/Important

All Uber Bosses / Act Bosses / Quest Bosses / Superuniques now have...


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CHANGELOG FOR ALL OLDER VERSIONS: v1, v2, v3, v4 & v5. Other/Important

All Uber Bosses / Act Bosses / Quest Bosses / Superuniques now have a long health bar. New Uberquest: Kabraxis New Uberquest: Athulua. New Uberquest: Uldyssian. New Uberquest: Diablo Clone (Multiplayer). New Uberquest: Secret Boss. Increased Inventory size. Increased base run/walk speed for all characters Visually modified over than half of the active character skills. Several charms merged, and resized to 1x1. Shrines no longer have text-walls. Mercenaries can wear belts/boots/gloves/amulets. NOT. RINGS. 'Target Takes Additional Damage of X' works with ranged attacks. Increased gold sell cap for ALL NPCs by x10. Only SU's/Sets can be used for Learning Sigs. You can gamble jewels now. You can teleport in town now. Changed frequency of some set drops. Leech penalties halved for terror/destruction Fresh Characters start with 3 signets of gold. (brotip: cube them) Several minor changes to smoothen the game. Items

227 New Sacred Uniques. 50 New Runewords. Rebalanced all Mystic Orbs. Elixirs: now last 1 minute instead of 20 seconds. Optical Detector: now gives resistances and all stats. Apples now regen 100% of your life in 3 seconds. Gift Boxes - New item type, that can be found from specific bosses. Maps

Modified following levels: All towns, Graveyard, Act 3 Sewers (new uber), River of Flame, Wolrdstone Keep 4, Flayer Dungeon 3, Spider Cavern (new uberlevel). Increased size of some mazes. Some places like Den of Evil, become bigger depending on difficulties. Quests:

Act 3: Khalim's Will is now dropped by Lachdanan. Act 2: Staff of Kings is now dropped by Plaguewrath. Cube Recipes (see: Cube Recipes thread)

Dupe recipe is disabled Scroll of Resistances from Anya quest is now a cubable Lottery Recipe: less chance to work but better benefits. Dark Summon Recipe: merges your Book of Summoning to save inventory space. New recipes to upgrade signets. Mass Signet Disenchant: disenchant up to 25 Uniques/Sets (separatedly) at the same time! Custom Signets: check Cube recipes thread for more info. Jewelcraftig: New recipe On (500 CP) - Life/Mana after kill. Shards: now there are shards that equal to 1,2,3 and 4 items (5 is crystal). Shard Disenchanting: now you can disenchant up to 10 uniques/sets (separatedly) to shards! UMO reroll recipe: 3x umo -> new UMO. I Am Rich Gem: no longer dropped by secret boss, now requires 3 (changed) trophies again. Monsters

Several Monster tweaks. Uberbosses/Superuniques/Questbosses

Several tweaks to almost every endgame uberboss, matching difficulties. Many tweaks to those easy superuniques like Griswold or Blood raven. Baal on Destruction now has heroic shield. Entire quest harder. Densities

Blood Moor: increased density in hatred by 5x Tran Athulua: increased density in destruction by 40% Fautzinville: reduced density in hatred/terror by 25%. Several density changes too. ALL densities scale with difficulty level, and are no longer equivalent like in older patches. Uberquests

Kingdom of Shadows: darkwardens now have a small chance to spawn there, casting tremor on death. Rathma Square: now spawns flying scimitars with huge life regen. Akarat: followers now have 50% ctc thunder hammer when they get hit, so careful with prebuffing! Inarius Secret Uberquest: minions now cast deahtstrike on death. Tran Athulua: amazons have 8% crushing blow now, 5% chance to cast arrowside on death. Character Specific Changes: this part of the list has not been compressed. I didn't do this so people can know specific changes about their builds and know what kind of character they will choose


Ghost Arrow: reduced ND from 6 to 2 (HUGE damage buff), 1 arrow every 4 levels Moonbeam: Starts at 1 second duration, +0.2 per level Blood Elementals: starts at 5 elementals, cap is now 25 (up from 15). Blood Elementals now have 20% chance to cast Fire Cannonade on Death. Barrage now gains +4 arrows per level Hyena Strike: R; capped at 10% (down from 50%) Barrage: changed mechanics, new barrage density is high for very low time but leaves less arrows for a long period of time. Fire elementals: 50% Fire pierce every 10 hard point, 10% FSD per hard point Dragonlore: slightly reduced damage Balefire: increased damage Assassin

Way of the Gryphon: slightly ncreased damage. Beacon: Now starts at 10% velocity +2% per soft point. Shadow Refuge: Now has doubled total duration. Perfect Being: Now starts at 25% avoid, +1.25 per hard point Batstrike: Bats now get half of perfect being avoid bonus Psychic Scream: flee duration is 4 seconds up from 2, gains 0.2 second duration per point. Queen of Blades: Now starts at 2 minutes. Bionetic Blast: removed. New Skill: Dark Spirit - energy based summon with many spells Batstrike: bats now have slow and chance for AoE attack Starbrust: shurikens now pierce enemies, added 1 ND to compensate. (talk about AoE now) Perfect Being: starting avoid is 25% down from 30%. Barbarian

Runemaster: starts at lower def bonus but gains 0.5 def per hard point. Snake Stance: sl;ow cap is now 50%. Bear Stance: now starts at 25 R; +1 R; per hard point, now capped at 100 R;. Gets 5% extra damage per soft point. Stormblast: reduced weapon damage from 3/4 to 1/2 Overkill: now starts with 40 axes and gains 5 per hard point. Bear claw: now starts with no mana cost. All Spirits: start at 3 minions, they FOLLOW you now! Guardian Spirits: 50% chance to cast Bear claw on attack, 100% chance to cast stampede on death Defender Spirit: 50% chance to cast retaliate on attack Protector Spirit: 100% chance to cast bloodlust on death, 1% thunderslam on attack Druid

Elemental: now gains an extra elemental every 15 hard points. Hunting Banshee: now gains an extra missile every 15 hard points, and shows spirit amount. Freezing Gale: reduced base mana cost, slightly increased damage, reduced NextDelay from 3 to 2, now leaves a 'Lightning Arena'-alike circle that will stay for some time dealing cold damage. Tremor: base range is now 15 (down from 25) but increases by 1 per level, and max damage is 25 up from 21. Ferocity: reduced IA;S bonus. Force of Nature: now (also) adds (some) flat elemental damage to weapon. Idol of Sc.: increased nova ranges, FRW starts at 0 (not -40), shoots 4 novas, reduced def bonus / stun / added ND to compensate. Pummel: reduced ND from 3 to 2. Quill Storm: reverted, now gets quills per level, removed magic damage bonus to compensate. Acid Fiends: now add all elemental damage instead of just poison. Necromancer

Embalming: Now starts at 0% Hp (down from 20%) but gains 5% hp per hard point (up from 4%). Ma;na regen reduced to 10% per level. Famine: Now starts at 10% life leech +1% per point. Rathma's Chosen: doubled duration, minions get 50% velocity +1% per level. Talon's Hold: highest reanimate chance is 10% down from 60%, to reduce lag if maxed. Burning Veil: Now gains +0.4 seconds effect duration per character level. Deathlord: now adds 80% FRW Paladin

Plague: now grants 1% block chance. Blood Thorns: increased damage by 50%. Lemures: increased damage by 50%, they pierce enemies and added some ND. Terror Strike: added 100% increased base defense (150% base). Merkabah: now starts with doubled duration. Paladin Scourges: now use crucify as main attack, and have 5% chance to cast Lifeblood on attack. Resonance: duration multiplied by 4. Searing Light: reduced ND from 3 to 2, changed damage type to physical, doubled range Ring of Light: removed Blazing Fury: replaces Ring of Light, buff that periodically sends fire novas that knockback and also buffs the char. Sunstonrm: now called Winterstorm, deals cold damage, changed graphics. Sorceress

Summon Familiar: now gets extra summon every 5 hard points. Miasma: increased damage. Nova Charge: now costs 200 mana, starts at 1 min duration, +20s/lvl. Hive: now costs 200 mana, starts at 1 min duration, +20s/lvl. Chronofield: now has doubled duration and halved mana cost. Firedance: doubled starting damage bonus and doubled damage bonus per level. Abyss: doubled damage, increased range. Pyroblast: small speed boost Lorenado: gains a new tornado every 10 (soft) levels.

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