Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Mod - Median XL: Ultimative v6c

Bugfixes: - Juris Khan reanimate no longer commits suicide. - Lowered Brachyceran health to prevent overflow (I bet everyone knew this) - Fi...


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Bugfixes: - Juris Khan reanimate no longer commits suicide. - Lowered Brachyceran health to prevent overflow (I bet everyone knew this) - Fixed some life overflows at players 8 from some bosses (smith, ancients). - Fixed Tran Athulua quest totem causing crashes in act 2. - Fixed ugly act 2,4,5 automaps (thanks Inertia). - Fixed Demon Lord in Yshari Sanctum (confirm please). - Fixed one set item not dropping in the Yshari Sanctum. - Fixed any bugs Blazing Fury ever had. - Diablo clone no longer looses immunity near mechanics. Noobs. - Fixed Trader's Chest bug. It was not a feature, fucking morons.

Items: - I Am Rich Gem: visually changed state. - Ancient Repositories: Visually changed state. - Kabraxis' Soul: Visually changed state. - Fools Gold: reanimate chance is now 3%, enabled elites. Viva! - Mysteries Set Coronet: now properly gives 11-15 health%/mana%. - Signets of Gold on new characters now give static 500 gold. - Kabraxis Stone: now properly gives 50 , instead of attackrate.

Levels: - Chrysaor Sewers: Density Halved - Chrysaor Sewers: Monster AI detect distance reduced. - Fauztinville: halved damage of all monsters in terror. - Island of the Sunless Sea: fixed a new monster from 2012 not spawning. - River of Flame: reduced room count from 60 to 20.

Skills: - Broadside: lowest timer is 6 seconds. - Barbarian Summons: can no longer be frozen.

Misc: - Reverted ugly pounce graphics. - Removed every dupe recipe, be happy fools that can't read. - Things people like to abuse are now harder. Have fun.

The following items had disfunctional procs, re-find them. Segnitia (Time Strike) Dyers Eve (Time Strike) Sculptor of Pain (Time Strike) Inarius' Rock (Time Strike) Blind Anger (Crucify) Wolverine Skin (Crucify) Carsomyr (Shower of Rocks) Wraith Flight (Shower of Rocks) Butcher's Cleaver (Shower of Rocks) Cranebeak (Shower of Rocks) Forge Fire (Shower of Rocks)

Not fixed bugs:

Mana tide totem locks out ranged skills: already fixed in Sigma, but I didn't feel like fixing this because it takes some time.

Kabraxis spawning accidentally: after loosing hours, d2 didn't want to accept the new level from SIGMA on v6b. Tried EVERYTHING, it just didn't work. Simply stay away from the chaos sanctuary star after activating the fifth seal and you shouldn't have any problems.

Uldyssian: this quest is overall a mess and I didnt' feel like going back to the earlier mess considering I already overhauled this one in SIGMA.

Runemaster bug after death: didn't feel like going deep into this as I don't know whether it would work or not. I will in SIGMA, but for now, learn to play and stop dying!

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