Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Mod - Median XL: Ultimative v6e

Want to download a 1-MB version of this patch instead? Medianxl.com (requires v6d installed) GENERAL - Global buffs to most sets (see below...


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Want to download a 1-MB version of this patch instead? Medianxl.com (requires v6d installed)

GENERAL - Global buffs to most sets (see below). - Global level density reduction (see below). - Global reduction of effects on skills (see below). - Direct compatibility with The Sin War realm (for D2SE users).

BUGFIXES - Finally fixed Time Strike proc on Segnitia, Dyers Eve and Inarius' Rock. Re-find them! - Elemental stones now properly work with runemaster. - Sudden Death: fixed screaming eagle proc. - Trader's Chest: no longer spawns with required level of 666. - Trap Rat Form: now correctly displays up to 3000 health. - Fixed change where I accidentally increased health per level/vitality and base block to the Assassin instead of Druid. - Fixed the messed up sound environments.

LEVELS - Reduced all level densities by 33% on all difficulties. I KNOW IT WAS A BIT TOO MUCH. PATIENCE - Furthermore, reduced densities of the following levels even more: -- Duncraig (increased difficulty to match) -- The Secret Cow Level (increased difficulty to match) -- Act 2 Sewers level 1, 2 and 3. -- Fauztinville -- Tran Athulua -- Maggot Lair level 1, 2 and 3. -- Lower Kurast, Kurast Bazaar and Upper Kurast. -- Toraja -- Bremmtown (increased difficulty to match) - Disabled going to previous stage on the following levels: -- Swampy Pit Level 3 -- Act 3 Sewers Level 2 -- Icy Cellar

DROPS - Sets: reduced ilvl of regular Sets to 115, you can find them in some terror uberquests now. - Sets: slightly increased drop chance overall. - Shadowgate Totems: now drop sets half of the time. - Chrysaor: reduced chance he will drop two uniques. - Uniques: increased drop rates of quivers. - Ring of the Five: now drops once per game.

ITEMS - Gehenna: reduced proc chance to 5%, skill levels to +1 and run/walk speed to -50%. - Demonic Touch: removed cataclysm proc. - Steel Terror: reduced MIRV proc chance to 1%. These items are now "Legacy" and need to be re-found.

Monsters - Minions of Terror: no longer multiplicate hemoplague-style. - Diablo Clone: heavily reduced animations and effects. - Firebloods: now spawn in packs of 3-4. - Shredders: reduced pack size to 3-4.

CHARACTERS - Amazon: -- Bloodstorm: doubled speed of each bolt. -- Phalanx: reduced effects. -- Barrage: reduced effects. - Assassin: -- Perfect Being: now starts with 24% avoid instead of 25%. QQ. -- Broadside: reduced effects (you will see less knifes, but the skill is still the same).

- Barbarian: -- Guardian, Protector & Defender Spirits: reverted to their old AI. -- Fortress: halved duration, doubled fire rate. Towers no longer look semi-transparent. - Druid: -- Quill Storm: decreased starting quill targets to 2. -- Elemental: reduced effects. -- Idol of Scosglen: reduced effects. -- Cascade: reduced effects. -- Spore Shot: reduced effects. -- Faerie Fire: trails now last only 1 second, tripled damage. -- Mythal: reduced effects. - Necromancer: -- Bane: slightly lowered cap to 75%. -- Increased life gained per level. - Paladin: -- Increased life gained per level. -- Tainted Blood: now adds 15% defense instead of 5% per level. -- Retaliate: now has 100% chance to knockback, up from 75%. -- Brimstone: reduced effects. -- Colosseum: reduced effects. Debuff now looks like Amplify Damage, but isn't (so it IS stackable with Amplify Damage).

- Sorceress: -- Increased life and mana gained per level. -- Vengeful Power: now adds 25% max life, increased crush attacker chance cap to 75%.

- Other: -- Lightning Wall: charged bolts (explosion missile) are now invisible. -- Guard Tower: no longer semi-transparent. -- Wyrd: reduced effects.

FULL SET BONUSES (you don't need to re-find them!) - Scosglen's Legends: adds gives 15% chance to cast Fortress on Attack (up from 8) and +8 to Plague. - Vasily's Following: adds 30% chance to cast Glacial nova on Kill (up from 15), pierces 50% cold resistances and has a 20% chance to cast Javelin Nova on kill. - Rex Vex' Embrace: adds +150 to energy factor instead of Death Coil. - The Snake Pit Set: adds +150 life after each kill, increased flat damage to 250-1000. - Creed Set: replaced when 'struck' broadside proc to knife throw, increased chance to 50%. Reduced flat stats to +200. - Vizjun's Devices: adds +8 to assassin skills, and +10% to all max resistances instead of normal resistances. Increased heal after kill to +100. - Witchhunter's Attire: adds +150 life on melee attack, increased elemental pierce values to 75%. - Gathering of the Tribes: increased strength damage bonus from +30 to +70, increased earthquake on attack chance to 50%. - Big Game Hunter: now has 5% chance to cast Blast Wave on kill, and adds +66% faster run/walk. - Spirits of the Nephalem: increased flat energy andstrength to 500, increased edyrem reanimate chance to +50%. - Caoi Dulra: adds +2000 fire damage. - Rainbow Warrior: now has 100% chance of UA, and heals 1 life on striking. - Satanic Mantra: adds +7 to all necromancer skills. - Rathma's Empire: adds +25% CB, and +5% max resistances as well as 50% faster run/walk. - Achilio's Wake: increased max damage from +200 to +500, increased reanimate chance to 5%. - The Towerlord: increased extra totems to +2, and minion life to +100%. - Cinadide's Craft: adds +13 to bane, slow increased to 75%. - Hadriel's Lore: increased Total Character Defense to +200%, Paladin Skills to +4, and added +75 heal after each kill. - Malthael's Sanctuary: increased elemental pierce values to 100%. Added +100% lightning pierce and spell damage too and a 15% chance to cast Supernova on attack. - Imperius' Edict: increased all stats to +300, and avoid to +30%. - The Warmage: increased energy bonus to +100%, and adds +5 to sorceress skills. - Zann Esu's Secrets: increased damage reduced to +50%, all resistances to +75%. - Elemental Children: increased lightning pierce to +150%. - Adria's Circle: increased sorceress skill levels to +12. - The Mysteries: increased defense to +4000, crushing blow to +25% and damage to +500.

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