[MOD RELEASE] Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0 (V3.2)

This is an unofficial patch for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, which provides many enhancements and changes to the game, the full details o


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This is an unofficial patch for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, which provides many enhancements and changes to the game, the full details of which can be found in the readme below.  It includes changes and enhancements to skills, characters, monsters and much more. 

Diablo 2 Patch 3.0 Patch Features: 800+ New Uniques, now over 1000 total Uniques ingame 80+ New Runewords (See PDF), now over 250 Runewords New Sets: - 1x New End Game Set for Each Class - 1x New End Game Set for each Mercenary (Each Set has an low level Aura) - New low/mid/high level general sets - New Ring Sets - New Weapon Sets New Cube Recipes: (Check PDF for Recipes) -Gems can be downgraded EG, Perfect to Flawless, Flawless to Flawed etc -RUNES can be downgraded EG, BER to SUR, SUR to LO etc -Weapon and Armor upgrade Recipes New Armor and Weapon Tiers: -Vanilla had 3 Tier Weapons and Armor, a new tier has been added (Tier 4) EG, Quilted Armor (Tier 1), Ghost Armor (Tier 2), Dusk Shroud (Tier 3), NEW* Arcanic Shroud (Tier 4) - Modified Mercenaries: (See PDF for full details) - Increased drop rates for Uniques/Sets/Runes etc - Increased Monster difficulties across all modes - Rebalanced and Reworked all Skills for end game viability All changes noted in the PDF

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Download 'D2 Patch 3.2.rar' (26.6MB)


Patch Features (Note: Not all changes are noted here as the amount of changes are in the 100`s)

Please note that changes made are not to change the core game and game play, it is only meant to improve game play experience for more fun and longevity

-Character Changes-
All characters now gain additional life per level relevant to their class
All Characters now gain additional mana per level relevant to their class


-Skill Changes- 
(Note: All changes might not be noted here)
All characters synergies have been improved for end game purposes, almost every skill now has a synergy which works into a build and all skills now are usable in end game builds/play
All Character skills have been checked and re-balanced and some have been reworked to make previously useless skills to be more useful.
All changes made are recorded in the Patch PDF including skill updates and changes with V3.1 and V3.2

-Monster Changes-
All the changes have been applied across all the difficulties, increasing with each difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, Hell)
All monsters life has been greatly increase
All monster Armor class have slightly been increased
All monster damage has been slightly increased
All monster resistances have slightly been increased
All monster abilities have been improved and assigned accordingly
All monster pack sizes have been adjusted with greater min and max numbers

-Item Changes-
NEW Base Weapon and Armor TIER has been added and new weapons and armor for for each class
Over 800 NEW unique items
NEW end game set for each class
NEW end game set for each Mercenary
NEW low and mid tier general sets
NEW Unique Jewels with 4 different tiers of each with increasing stats per tier
Over 100 NEW Runewords Listed in PDF
NEW Modifiers have been added to Armor and Weapons - Weapons (Can have up to 15% Edited damage and 10% Armor) - Armor (Can have up to 15% Edited Armor and 10% damage)
NEW Cube Recipes that allow weapon and armor upgrades all NOTED in the PDF

-Drop Table Changes-
NEW drop tables have been added to increase world drop rates of Uniques, Runes and Sets
Gold now drops less frequent but in greater amounts

-Misc Changes-
Health and Mana Pots have been re-balanced in the amount of health they provide and how fast they give you the health
Rune tiers have slightly been lowered to increase drop rate by 5-10%
Blood Raven can now drop the lower spectrum of the runes, Countess still has a better drop rate
Every class has some % magic/gold find on their end game Sets
3 New Unique charms have been added (1x Grand 1x Large 1x Small) These can be dropped by bosses only from Act1-5 Hell

NEW Set and Unique names noted in the PDF

Mercenaries have been reworked to make them all more usefull long term, there has always been an over use of the Act 2 mercenaries due to their auras, with more gear option and choices in the game in terms of sets, items, Runewords this will hopefully open up more Mercenary choices, to help support this many new mercenary option have been give by providing improved and new skills to some mercs who never has them before, let us hope some of them do not end up being too powerful
PS: All the old school mercs are still there, these new mercs have only been added to the existing rosters.

*NEW* GEM Recipes
All gems can now be downgraded to one tier lower.
Any Perfect gem + any chipped will downgrade to the same Perfect type but one quality lower

Perfect TOPAZ + any chipped gem will give you a Flawless TOPAZ
Flawless TOPAZ + any chipped gem will give you a flawed TOPAZ
And so you can continue to downgrade any gem as required

*NEW* RUNES Recipe
All RUNES can now be downgraded to one tier lower.
Any RUNE + Jewel will downgrade the RUNE to one tier lower

BER Rune + Jewel will give you a SUR Rune
SUR Rune + Jewel will give you a LO Rune

And so you can continue to downgrade any RUNE as required all notes in the PDF

*NEW* Equipment Upgrade Recipes
You are now able to modify certain gear to increase stats such as Armor, Damage, add Prevent Monster Heal, Rest in peace etc but each modification will increase the required level to use the item so be careful when doing upgrades so you do not push the item beyond a usable limit or have to level too far to be able to use it.

All Items levels in the game have slightly been lowered to accommodate for this long term build/play/upgrades, that is the same reason that the difficulty in higher levels such as Nightmare and even more so in hell might seem impossible at first glance, but if you use the upgrade mechanics you will end up with a Godlike character

Tier 1 gear can be upgrades to Tier 2 and Tier 2 to Tier 3 as it has always been, however NOTE that Tier 3 gear cannot be upgrades to Tier 4 as they are Super Elite pieces

Recipe = Resources required to upgrade items
LvL Req Increase = The amount of levels the item being used will gain when using the upgrade recipe
Modifier = The modification that will take place dmg% (Damage percent), ac% (Armor Class %), red-dmg% (Damage reduced by %) etc
NOTE: Be careful when upgrading and modifying gear as not to push an item beyond usable limits, if possible try upgrade items when within usable limits to prevent a long wait before being able to use it.

Last few noteworthy mentions as far as changes go…

Gloves, Belts and Boots can now spawn with sockets, any gem or rune socketed in them will use the weapons modifier, not the armor modifier, this is to allow custom damage options and to help build damage earlier in game progress, later on these option can be used to create custom, gloves, belts and boots through using Jewels of choice as the new Unqiue Jewels allow for a lot more customization options.

There are also NEW glove, belt, boot Runewords

Normal – Gloves, Boots and Belts can spawn with 2 socket
Nightmare – Gloves, Boots can spawn with 2-3 sockets, but Belts can only have a maximum of 2 sockets
Hell – Gloves and Boots can spawn with 2-3 Sockets but Belts can only have a maximum of 2 sockets
Note that with the new Item modifiers it is always possible that those same, belts, boots and gloves can spawns with %dmg and % armor modifiers, which allows customization to a far greater extent that ever before.
Hundreds of other small modifications have been made to Diablo 2 in Patch 3.0 which did not make it into the patch notes, so many hours have been put into testing and hopefully it is as bug free as can be, have fun and my email is at the end of this document should you wish to make comments, send feedback, make recommendations etc

Keep in mind, the idea of this was to improve vanilla play and expand on it, not make a whole new game and/or Butcher Diablo II, we love the Vanilla D2, however it needed so many tweaks which Blizzard just never cared to do.

More changes to come in a future patch V3.3

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