Annihilation X Update (official)

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 13 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
We have a news post that is sure to slap a smile on that grim mug of yours! Spunky is here to inform the community that he is not exactly thrilled about the state of his most recent release of the Annihilation X mod: [quote]Alright I have decided that after the updates Dafama and I did for the following link:;78550 weren't exactly "good" persay since there were a lot of things that went wrong with the fists being lamed up and the Gravity Gun not working, and various other things. [/quote] Having said that, he has decided to go back to the modding table and re-work some of the problem items to provide you, the [b]Doom III[/b] gaming community the best possible gaming adventure! This update should not be confused with the [i]"NG"[/i] releases done by Dafama2K7, as this will be an [u]official[/u] release. The good news is that we shouldn't have to wait long for this to hit our bandwidth, as Spunky has also stated that he has a Beta version of the fix, it just doesn't fix everything yet... [quote]So I have decided to make another official update (no not the NG mods dafama is going to make another soon) to fix most of the errors in Annihilation X, I already have a sort of Beta fix for all these but they don't fix everything, some of the major things are, Dafama's configs aren't in the PK4's so you get to play with your config and not his, I fixed the Gravity Gun it works now. The Fists are like in the original mod but slowed down to make performance better, I did up the damage to make up for the slowing down. Also the Gravity Gun throwing does a lot more damage now as well as scrambling peoples insides, so let's say you scramble someone's insides and now you are holding them with the gravity gun with an imp coming twords you, just throw it at the imp and BLAM lots of damage or death.[/quote] This is going to be a release to look forward to, and should do alot to spruce up your [b]Doom III[/b] adventure... and Spunky has also stated that you, the [i]D3Files[/i] family could get the first look at it, with the hopes of testing it! How cool is that?! [quote]Anyways I will put more in the readme and I want comments on what you guys think i should add/fix as well and if i should release the beta to d3files so you guys can test it out and give feedback.!!! Thanks again! -Spunky[/quote] Certainly something to look forward to! :thumbsup:
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