ATI - Threatened by Takeover

By Bluehair 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Not DOOM 3-related yet an important news for gamers. An article posted at [url="http://arstechnica.com/index.ars"]Ars Technica[/url] writes that ATI may be the target of a stock takeover for a hostile buy. Apparently, rumors started last month after it issued disappointing financial results for the fiscal third quarter 2005 and lowered its expectations for the fourth (see [url="http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/06/23/news_6128056.html"]this news for details).[/url] The names of potential suitors already pop up: AMD, Intel, Texas Instruments and Broadcom. [quote]ATI is in a vulnerable position because delays in their next-gen hardware have left many investors expecting to see NVIDIA dominate the rest of this year, including the lucrative holiday spending season. Nevertheless, ATI has announced that the R520 will be entering full production sometime in the fall, and their deal with Microsoft for the Xbox 360 should earn them some scratch. Indeed, while no one expects ATI to tank in the near future à la 3dfx, the market's lack of interest in ATI is apparent, and the time is right for buying stock if you expect to see ATI recover next year. And if you happen to be a large corporation with loads of cash, you might want to buy an awful lot of that stock.[/quote] Too bad :( ---- Link: [url="http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20050709-5077.html?85999"]ATI a takeover target?[/url]

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