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Thanks to our very own [b]MicFire999[/b], here are some more details about D3: RoE. The following article was published three days ago on [url=http://www.dvhardware.net/article3614.html]DarkVision Hardware[/url]. [quote]Here's some information about the expansion pack for Doom 3 which will probably come out in Spring 2005. The story of this add-on will start 2 years after the events in Doom 3. The UAC has succesfully managed to cover-up the disasters at Mars by convincing others that it were a terrible reactor meltdown and it has send marines back to Mars. In this expansion you play as a combat engineer. Later in the game you'll find a new artifict just like the soul cube. This new weapon works a bit similar as the Soul cube; you need to charge it up by killing monsters. This will allow you to activate Hell Time which slows time but allows you to move and shoot at normal speed.[/quote] [b]Otherwise[/b], a guy nicknamed [url="http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=41984&page=4&pp=15"]nVidi0t[/url] has managed to scan a 5 pages long article off the last PC Gamer UK issue (Christmas 2004), all revolving around id's expansion pack. And You can read all of it below!! Enjoy the reading and say your thoughts! ---- NB: Our publishing system has downsized the pictures :/ if this is too small to read, click on the nVidi0t link above to see it at full size.

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