Dawn of the Dead Progress Report

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Published by Bluehair 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Marcus has put up a handy page where we can read how the mod is doing in various areas such as texture creation and custom coding but also have a better idea of the mod as a whole. A new gameplay feature was recently added to it also, a dynamic crosshair which will serve as a visual cue to hint the player whether it's a good time to hit the trigger or not. Because shooting accuracy typically varies depending on how you're dealing with enemies at a particular time.
Levels will be broken into environment types and all vary in degrees of dangers. - Interiors: they have a relatively low danger point. Zombies don't respawn so if you clear out a house or shop of zombies it will be free from any kind of danger and act as a safe haven - Alleys: these are the backstreets... the vains of the city and are a code yellow in the danger spectrum. In an alley system there are entry points and exit points. If you imagine entry points as openings that lead onto the main street where zombies may enter the area and an exit point is a safe exit out of a potentially hazardous environment for our player, either through a window or up a fire escape. Zombies will spawn from entry points in a low number. so be quick about escaping. - Streets: these are the dead zones, These environments will already begin with a huge number of walking dead to begin with and will spawn from all locations. Sadly police vehicles and dead that can supply you with ammo and guns can be found in these areas but enter at your own risk. Some levels will force you to enter these areas, speed is a must in surviving on the streets and avoid jumping onto high objects for safety, you'll only get surrounded - keep running.
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