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I've heard of some developers taking a bit of a break after putting some blood, sweat and tears into into their creations, and, it would appear that ZizZ is no different! Following up on his January release of [file="85466"][i]Doomed by ZizZ 2 (chapter 1: Tower)[/i][/file], this developer will bring you the continuing chapters to quench your Doom III thirst for action! As work on this map is still on-going, ZizZ has decided to send in some screenshots for you, the Doom community to to drool over; The expected release date for this anticipated map is not yet set in stone, however, he has stated that it will be available this summer...and we all know that, sadly, summer never seems long enough. For now, feel free to re-visit his earlier releases, and if you have never played them before, you'll be in for a helluva time!
      [file="37696"]Doomed[/file] [file="37696"]Doomed by zizz 2 (chapter 1: Tower)[/file]
Following is the developer's news post:[quote]Hello, The follow up of my previously released map dbz1/2 is in good progress and it's high time to share some wip shots with you all. Map to be released due summer. (i hope)[/quote] Enjoy the WIP shots, and stay tuned for more news as it comes available!

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