Defiled Ruins

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This is a Single Player map on which [b]Desmasic[/b] is currently working. Just for the record, it was initially to be part of [i]Last Man Standing Coop[/i]. Here are what we know about it: ------------- Storyline: ------------- Years have passed, and the invasion of hell on earth and other planets is now complete. Those who survive, are either worked as slaves or are hunted down as a sport for hell knights. But some also survive, fighting a loosing battle, and you are leading one such team today in the ruins somewhere on earth. What started as a simple 'kill em all' mission, turned into a tragedy when the ruins turned out to be some kind of ancient ritualistic place for hell demons. You couldn't kill them all.. but you survived. Now your only chance to return to the base alive is to fight whatever is in these ruins. A hidden temple inside might lead you out the other way.. you must survive.. ------------- Features: ------------- - New Item Models, New Items, New Textures, New Skins. - 'Detailed' level design bringing the ruins to life. Architecture is inspired by real world and uses perfect lighting to control the 'reality' feel to it. - Limited but 'improved' (and balanced) weaponry. And a cool flamethrower to quench your, umm.. thirst.. - Integrated MODS with permission from their creators to improve the gameplay a lot... 'A LOT!' - Not just 'point and shoot' gameplay. This time, you will search, find and solve puzzles. - True to the 'inDark' name, you will finally find out how jumpy this game can get.. The following set of screenshots are WIP -- if you find that the lighting look weird, don't worry this is temporary! It was just set so you can see something off the map! Check this place to see more: [url="http://indark.d3files.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=1"]inDark Forum Index | Defiled Ruins[/url]

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