Defiled Ruins Gets Armed!

By Bluehair 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The mod shall at least features three custom-designed weapons indeed. These are [u]the Assault Rifle[/u], [u]the Mini UZI[/u] and [u]the Flame Thrower[/u]. Most of them already functions in game but work has yet to be done on the textures. The flame thrower boasts an interesting shape, doesn't it? The last screenshots let us see it in action. ------------------ Assault Rifle: ------------------ A basic and most important weapon in your inventory. Modified for close battles, the all new prototype of Assault Rifle uses a single ammo clip for two firing modes. Included (second mode) is the in build Shotgun mechanism, capable of firing two bullets from standard clip with a powerful blast. Excellent for close range and outdoor battles, a must for every trooper. ------------ Mini UZI: ------------ Loaded with 32 Rounds clip, this beauty is capable of ripping open your enemies in group at medium range with fast firing rate. Can carry two in both hands later on in-game. ---------------------- Flame Thrower: ---------------------- An old age weapon but still pretty damn good at what it does best. A small copper pipe (first shot) is attached to the portable fuel pack carrying compressed napalm inside. Due to limited range, good against a group of enemies at close range only. Damage is good, but finding the ammo will be painful in-game. On an other note, [b]Desmasic[/b] has some job openings for the mod; I think he currently works alone by the way. Then, if you have programming/scripting skills and are willing to work on some new weapon features or otherwise are good at texture creation and skinning, you may want to contact him [url="mailto:[email protected]?Subject=TheFirstEffect.com"]at this address.[/url] ---- |- Link: [url="http://mods.moddb.com/4638"]Defiled Ruins @ ModDB[/url]

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