Devblog #2 - Playing Doom 3: Phobos

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


The team over at Doom 3: Phobos has released a devblog on the progress and production of their Doom3 expansion pack Phobos! For those of you that just came out of a coma, and wondering what Doom 3: Phobos is, read on! Doom 3: PhobosDoom 3: Phobos started out as an idea for a small episode that would be a direct continuation of Doom 3. The purpose of that would be to gather experience and get ready for a bigger and more comprehensive mod. It didn't take us long to realize that we were up to the challenge and decided to skip the first step. Since then, Doom 3: Phobos has evolved into a very extensive and ambitious project. We are well on our way of creating an unofficial expansion pack of top quality.

This news release touches on several aspects of the mod, including: weapons, maneuverability and the water. There are also some new team member introductions, the whole article makes for an interesting read, and I for one am happy to see some new information!

What is Doom 3: Phobos? I forgot

Doom 3: Phobos is a 3 episode project which continues the story in Doom 3. It is set in between Doom 3 and its expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil. Doom 3: Phobos will feature more variation than the original 2004 game, and Doom 3: Phobos will bring back more of the traits that made the original Dooms successful. It is a very exciting project to work on and we are pleased to be making this update.


The tool of the Doomguy's trade that has received the most obvious 'update' in Doom 3: Phobos is the shotgun. We came to a virtually unanimous opinion that the Doom 3 shotgun was... lacklustre, for lack of a better description. Both in regards to it's power as a virtual weapon and visually. [...]

We felt that the outdoor environments of Doom 3 and the expansion pack weren't utilised to their full effect. But in the name of keeping a sense of realism (and maintaining consistency with D3's air cannister philosophy), we knew we couldn't just allow the player to walk around in the harsh atmosphere of Mars' surface as he pleases.

Check out their website and learn more about this fantastic mod, and stay tuned for more information on Doom 3: Phobos as it comes available!

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