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This is an upcoming MP map for DOOM 3. Its author [b]MelvinB[/b] had already released it for [b]Unreal Tournament 2004[/b] last December and well it had received quite good feedback at the time. About two weeks ago, he decided to adapt it for DOOM 3 :) We can see several WIP screenshots of it at [b]DOOM3World[/b] and despite all of them were directly shot from [i]DOOMEdit[/i], the whole map seems to be shaping well. You can view all of them below -- the first three correspond to the UT2k4 version tho'. Links: |- [url="http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=8823"]Forum Topic: DM-1on1-SharpEdged for Doom3 WIP-screens[/url] |- [url="http://files.filefront.com/DM___1on1___SharpEdged/;3783689;;/fileinfo.html"]Download DM-1on1-SharpEdged for UT2k4 (2.8Mb)[/url]

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