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Game Fest has posted up an article which talks about the Doom 3 board game and gives information on it. They have managed to play the board game so they decided to tell us all about it. The article also includes some nice looking screenshots of the miniatures that will be featured in the game. Here's a snippet from the article: [quote]In our game, Kevin took on the role of the invaders while me and another guy - Matt - each were marines. We played the first part of the first scenario - 'Knee Deep in the Dead'. The scenario starts with us two marines in a small room with a few weapons on the floor for us to grab. Aliens have invaded our base and we have to get to an escape shuttle. We have to get find a key card to open a door that is a few hallways away, and get through that door on our way to the shuttle. We quickly grabbed the weapons in the room and took up positions in front of one of the doors to the room. Before we even had a chance to open the door, a monster spawned at the other side of room and started attacking us (the monsters weren't wasting any time!). We took a slight amount of damage but the two of us dispatched the monster swiftly.[/quote] Some screenshots can also be seen below! Head to Game Fest to check out more! Anyone fancie a game?
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