DOOM 3: One Week Earlier

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Over at Planet Fargo (Part of Gamespy Network) Dave Kosak wrote all about what possibly could've happened one week before the events of the Game Doom 3 in the point of view of (yes you called it) a Janitor at the Space Station. It proves to be a rather funny story about 3 pages long. [quote]Down the hall I was surprised to discover one of the scientists was alive -- and even more surprisingly, that he was working during his off-hours. He sat at his terminal, surrounded by computer monitors, teleporting some poor sap of a Space Marine all around the Delta Labs. "What's up, Doc?" I asked, chuckling. I never get tired of that joke. [/quote] To read a "lighter" side of DOOM be sure to check this out over at http://www.gamespy.com/articles/540/540376p1.html

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