DOOM 3 Sucks - "Let me explain why it's so bad, and give the evidence."

By Bluehair 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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A technology columnist for USA Today, inter alia, wrote an article a while ago where he explains bombastically how bad a game DOOM 3 is. For him, id Software merely focused on the graphics while Cousin Jimmy was working out the gameplay, hastily nevertheless because Mom and Dad were at the parent-teacher conference at that time. Funny article, so are the comments ... Dogshit 3 :rolleyes:
Doom 3 is a first-person shooter; you run around and see things as if you're looking out of the character's eyes; you're weapon sticks out in front as if you're holding it. The problem is, there have been other first-person shooters and Doom 3 adds nothing -- zilch -- to the genre. In fact, earlier games have had more. Doom 3 looks good, yep. But that's it. The graphics and sound are excellent. But the gameplay is pathetic: Enter room, monsters attack you, kill them. Repeat. Period. That's it. Play it for fifteen minutes and you've played it for six hours. Sure, the id folks added a basic storyline (you're on Mars, demons have invaded the base through a portal, blah blah blah). But like a porn movie, the "plot" is just tacked on to have something there. It doesn't add anything. Enter room, kill everything, repeat. If that was the worst of it, Doom 3 would simply be boring. But it's not. It's actively annoying.
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