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[b]Game[/b]([b]Spot[/b] + [b]Spy[/b]) have posted their review of the game. The former gives it 8.6/10, the latter 5/5. I have read both and while the tone is different in each -- GameSpy is all optimistic, GameSpot more critic, they both agreed on the new co-op mode: [quote][b]GameSpy:[/b] The biggest and best addition to the game is a cooperative mode, allowing players to battle Hell's minions either via system link or on Xbox Live. The co-op modes features 20 levels that have been taken from the main game and tweaked to make the experience more enjoyable for two players. It's a blast to play through together, especially once you go face to face to face with some of the enormous boss monsters. In the single player game, the chainsaw is a fun distraction that doesn't really lend itself to the style of gameplay, but it's a perfect co-op weapon. One player can get the attention of a boss while his buddy circles around to chainsaw its back. It's gory, it's violent, and it's one of the best uses of Live we've seen so far. [b]GameSpot:[/b] In terms of content, the co-op campaign is basically similar to the solo campaign, though there are additional enemies and power-ups to give two players their fills. And, in a decidedly caring touch, some of the dialogue is changed to reflect there being two marines trying to thwart evil, instead of just one. You'll notice a few other twists, such as doors that can only be opened when both players are present, and how a lot of the peripheral story stuff is stripped out to keep the game moving along. The gameplay is more fun in co-op than it is in solo (particularly if you toggle on friendly fire), even though it's functionally identical and easy as hell. Whenever you get killed, you just pop right back into the level and can run over to wherever you died and grab a backpack with all your weapons in it. Yet having a friend (or even a stranger) along for the ride will naturally make the journey more interesting, and having to pick off targets in narrow corridors while staying out of your buddy's way--and not mistaking him for a threat in all those dark shadows--adds a much-needed bit of depth to the action, not to mention an appreciable chunk of value to the entire package. Fans of the PC version might not be able to justify paying full price just to play Doom 3 again in co-op, but yes, it would be well worth their while to check this out.[/quote] An other cool detail is that you can start it on any of its levels :) ---- Links: |- [url="http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/doom3/review.html"]GameSpot's Review[/url] |- [url="http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/doom-3/601299p1.html"]GameSpy's Review[/url]

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