DOOM 3 Xbox Leaked!

By Bluehair 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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It again happened! The game has been stolen and is now going around illegally on the Internet. If this alone wasn't enough, the leak concerns the Collector's Edition, that is, the one including not only [i]DOOM 3[/i] but also the original [i]DOOM 1[/i] and [i]DOOM 2[/i]. Here is the full statement from [b]Computer And Video Games[/b]: [quote]In a striking case of deja vu, those eager beavers on the internet have managed to leak the Xbox version of Doom 3 a mere week before it was due to hit store shelves. Word has it that the Collector's Edition has been leaked, including not just Doom 3, but singleplayer and multiplayer versions of both Doom and Doom 2. Just like the PC version, internet users have already begun to threaten the sales numbers for the game before it even hit the streets, creating a Hell on Earth for Activision and Id. Poor sales were blamed on the leak of the PC version, so we can only hope that the majority of gamers will resist temptation and buy the game when it's released next week.[/quote] Let's hope those responsible for that will be tracked down as it had been the case with [i]Half-Life 2[/i].

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