Doom 3 Zboard Reviewed

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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HomeLan Fed has posted up a new review of the Doom 3 Zboard. It is a keyboard that was made for Doom 3 and it does look very cool! They gave it a total of 95 percent. Here's a snippet from the review: [quote]Of course, the game on everyone’s mind at the moment is Doom 3, and an official keyset from that game, authorized by id Software, is also available. While it does get a little getting used to, playing Doom 3 on the dedicated Zboard keyset is a wonder to behold once your fingers get the hang of it. Where playing games with FPS “controllers” like the Fragmaster was a chore on the best of circumstances, playing Doom 3 on the Zboard actually improved my game quite a bit. There is no more fumbling with switching weapons or items; everything has a dedicate button on the Zboard within easy reach. [/quote] Head to HomeLan Fed to read it all.

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