DOOM Goes Wireless!

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[b]Jamdat[/b] which publishes entertainment applications for various wireless devices (mobile phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs) has signed a multiyear license agreement with [b]id Software[/b] for exclusive wireless distribution rights to [i]DOOM RPG[/i] for mobile phones. The game will be developed by id Software in coordination with [b]Fountainhead Entertainment[/b], developers of [file="39513"]Machinimation 2.[/file] [quote]DOOM RPG" has been created by id Software specifically for mobile phones, and is based on the popular first person shooter game originally launched in 1994. "DOOM" and its sequels are among the most popular PC games ever, with millions of copies sold. "DOOM RPG" preserves the look, feel and excitement of the original "DOOM" game, while integrating a tactical, turn-based combat system for easy to learn one-handed gaming. [...] "DOOM RPG" delivers players to a secretive Martian research facility to solve the mystery of a massive demonic invasion. Utilize classic "DOOM" weapons, intuitive one-handed controls and turn-based gameplay to battle hordes of invading demons, including favorites like the Pinky Demon and Imp. "DOOM RPG" will captivate die-hard fans looking for a little bit of Hell on the go while introducing a whole new generation to the classic that started the first-person gaming revolution.[/quote] Strangely, they have chosen to release it at the same time as the DOOM motion picture.. Hmm. ---- Link: |- [url="http://www.jamdat.com/JamdatWeb/Catalog/US/en/game/mobile/MediaRelationsPressView/pressRelease-pressReleaseCode__.__1115945987971"]E3 2005 Press Release[/url]

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