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DOOM II Meets Mario in this epic mash-up mod!

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

You may not think Doom II and a 3D Mario platformer are a natural match, and you'd be right - they're not - but it's the odd collision of worlds and styles that makes mods like these so compelling and interesting to play, and Doom: The Golden Souls 2 does not disappoint.

This total conversion mod for Doom II blends SNES style Mario graphics and audio into the game, which results in a somewhat 2D Mario / Mario 64 type of vibe. It includes some pretty neat additions including a new world map, unlockable secret paths, coin collecting, and more changes and additions. The premise of the mod sees you trying to retrieve the 7 Golden Souls, stolen by Cyberdeamon's minions, in order to save the day.

The mod is full of new, colourful, Mario-esque levels, and it really captures the Mario style perfectly. You can teleport to other levels, and many of the usual enemies and obstacles from the franchise appear, so if you're a fan of these two franchises, this mash-up total conversion is certainly amusing to check out and play.

You can download the mod, and find more information, over on our sister site ModDB.


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5 years ago

The concept is so odd that it works... How strange!!