DOOM Movie Preview Screening - First Impressions!

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The DOOM picture got previewed at San Francisco Metreon yesterday. GameSpot was there on the spot, both before and after the screening to collect impressions from the seemingly numbered and heterogeneous audience. The article reporting about the event includes some of them and as you'll see, expectations and opinions about DOOM are quite contrasting!
When asked what she thought on her way out of the theater, E.T. said she'd gotten what she came for ("Action. Entertainment. Loud.") and was generally pleased with the film. A random audience member overhearing the question interjected with an emphatic one-word review: "Terrible!" David Chau was similarly unhappy with the film. "I didn't like it," he said. "I went in expecting nothing, expecting the worst. And I guess I pretty much got the worst." In particular, Chau took issue with the film's dialogue ("corny") and the much-ballyhooed part of the movie filmed to mimic the first-person perspective of the Doom games. "That was horrible," Chau said. "It made me sick. I knew that was going to happen, but it still made me sick." There were enthusiastic points of view in favor of the movie as well. Howard Kwong, a self-described "huge gamer," said he expected the worst going in to the movie, but came out really pleased, especially with the first-person section of the film. "I was one of the people yelling if you heard me," Kwong admits. "Because that was Doom. And that's really the only time you get that real Doom feel. All the other times, you're looking from on top of people. That wasn't Doom."
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