Doom on the iPod?

20 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Unconfirmed reports have been drifting out of Spartan Laboratories Inc. that they have managed to get a playable build of Doom on the Apple iPod! While this is an unoptimized version of Doom, an inside source says the game plays quite well, and is happy with the results. Nearly losing his life, a D3Files.com secret agent managed to make off with one of these "DoomPods" as they are starting to be called. Because of this agent's fine work, we have a picture of this "DoomPod" for you. Now, we have something to pass the time with while we wait for Doom III. A senior official of Spartan Laboratories has given us some inside information into this project. Apparently, Doom was being developed on the Dell DJ as well as the Apple iPod. The laboratory believes that Dell leaked the "DoomPod" alpha in an effort to sabotage Apple's end of the project and put their DJ on top. Spartan Laboratories has broken off all negotiations with Dell and plans to devote all their development time to the iPod. We know that D3Files.com has the only "DoomPod" outside of the lab! We will be monitoring this story with frequent updates. -SpartanVII

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